List of events in the year 1771 CEEdit

  • Day 21: A massive Hurricane kills 1133 people on planet Sauria (Saurian Miner's Guild)
  • Day 50: The Oya Conclave conquers the Hedghie Amilate (Oya Conclave)
  • Day 61: Kal Nedis: Garenoff Kuizel was assassinated by anti-TSR forces on Kanderarch during his releection campaign he was 140. (Third Shrine Republic)
  • Day 82: Arok II is born and is to be the first Greater Papulus of the Conclave by 1803 (Oya Conclave)
  • Day 103: Swarm King: Vanadum puts down a Courier rebellion led by Hakarus after 294 days of fighting (Great Kandlian Swarm)
  • Day 116: SMG Declares war on the Natogytt District of Antarctos after a trade dispute. (Saurian Miner's Guild)
  • Day 117:  Amall: Wyll Maxses unifies the Lorian people after the Apocolyptic "Second Fire War" (Planet Lorre)
  • Day 125:  The oldest known ancestor of future King Germandt I was born, Gerei Koromandt (Planet Sniveria)
  • Day 125-2: The last Magistrate of the Grenadine colony in Natogytt Antares dies, the population riots (Planet Zelnobum)
  • Day 133: Boreluzian-Hylogan War of 1770-1771 ends with the treaty of Hylar (Boreluzian Federation)
  • Day 141 Lyzanthian Ty'Ger in the Rigellian sector revolt against their Wubellian masters beginning the Lzanthian Revolution 1771-1783 (Lyzanth)
  • Day 147 A moderate sized asteroid strikes planet Stundorra 89% of the 9 Billion strong population is killed, the TSR government covers up the incident until 2210 (TSR)
  • Day 149 Swarm King: Vanadum mysteriously dies a war between the 377 Swarms begin to succeed him (GKS)
  • Day 164 A Krovan scout probe crashes in Antarctica on planet Earth, the probe is discovered in 2015 by UTSEA Explorers and used to advance Human technology (Earth)
  • Day 167 The Virai Swarm conquers it's enemies and chooses Vyralle as it's Swarm King (GKS)
  • Day 178 Stratisian Forces rebel against the TSR after the "Stundorra" inciident (Stratis)
  • Day 186  Lyzanthian Ty'Ger attack the Wubellian Space platforms destroying them in a series of terrorist attacks (Amethys)

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