Kaiser Matt Tygore and his security detail at the UTSEA Embassy on Topenon shortly after the successful deal.

January Edit

  • 6: Jadison Taigo II is born to Yuni Taigo and Ckriza Igol on Shrine
  • 26: Fromidic forces break through TEC Defense forces and bomb a small city on Tygotan.
  • 28: Kylerian Semaj Huthuhu falls ill after an expedition to the Blackwater Ocean.

March Edit

  • 6: Fourth Shrine Republic forces liberate Sinosrat from the Royal Empire on Wennago, FSR forces suffer 1800 casualties during the batlle.
  • 22: Dark Star Conglomerate Invents "Blue Source Implants" the smallest communication implant in Terran Space.

April Edit

  • 13: Jodie Arma Jenson (Terran Pilot, Half sister of Zach Jenson) is born on Earth

May Edit

  • 5: The Fourth Shrine Republic enacts the Emergency Powers initiative, where Kal Nedis: Chairo Durblum is allowed to stay Kal Nedis for ten years or until the end of the war, whichever comes first, UTSEA Forces meet with him to form an extended military deal on To
  • 6: Lanse Lanse Nation leaves the Fourth Shrine Republic after only 48 years of unification, 785 are killed between Lansen and Shrinen forces, Durblum allows them to withdraw.
  • 13: Zach Jenson (Terran Pilot, and UTSEA Patriot) is born on Earth

June Edit

  • 26: King Germant I reforms his position to emulate the Terran Kaiser and calls it the Kaisil Position, after the Sniverian citizens began worrying about corruption.

July Edit

  • 31: Hylogan Arbitrator Rigel Tetysun is assassinated when Marcadian special agent: Wertias Worfrom Mas puts a rigellian bomb into Tetysun's portable Holo-deck (P.D)

August Edit

  • 26: Henegan Ardenne partiicpates in the Josminian Terrorist attack in Northsphere, a rift Ripper ambush, 50 are killed.

September Edit

  • 4: An Antarctic Blizzard the likes of which never seen before forces Kaiser Matt Tygore and the Quarter Council to close for the first time since the Blizzard of 2405

October Edit

  • 1: Jordan Matthew Ranson, James Ranson's fifth child is born on Earth

December Edit

  • 9: A Wolfenzi Crawf Class Cargo-ship crashes into a Food production facility on Luccanaus 248 are killed.

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