Kal Nedis: Neyton Perreis of Castele Pictured in 2483 at the Natogytt Liberation of Sinosrat, planet Wennago

January Edit

  • 11: Anti Unionists break into a District of Kurdistan Tank depot and steal dozens of Kaiser Tanks
  • 17: The committee for the downturn of '82 in the Skywing Covenant publishes its findings
  • 22: Black Sun Pirates led by Gustaf Knopf raid an FSR Supply convoy that was heading to Wennago and captures all the cargo, estimated to be of 60 trillion Rarchs of value, the greatest haul of all time.

February Edit

  • 12: "Viserejgradha" A propaganda war film set in the Wubbel war comes out in Adairin Holodecks.
  • 18: Balreg Arkasi is elected Kal Nedis of Hyron IV he is the last Kal Nedis of the nation

March Edit

  • 9: Kassadar succeeeds Huthuhu as Semaj of Kyleria
  • 13: At the battle of Coalatti on planet Wennago during the Shrine Wars, Basaran Kiev breaks his leg during a infantry charge into Sniverian territory, he is forced to retire six days later.

April Edit

  • 7: Treaty of Zanderheim, Capricon signs a peace treaty with the Hylogan Directorate ending Capricon's part in the 17th Hylogan Boreluzian War after Capricon's economy begins to show fatigue.
  • 20: Alltheboreluzians The Boreluzian Super-State is founded by Jadisne Alsor who refers herself as Bolliolucci LI on planet Yeliro, after a coup against Commissar: Varriek Sorko. Her goal is to unite all the Boreluzian Nations under a single throne.

May Edit

  • 6: Nearly all significant Boreluzian populations in the Sapphirian Sector advocate for war against alleged "Super State"
  • 18: The Viserak space Platform Vrak over Saphir is knocked out of orbit and replaced by the newer space station "Airava"

June Edit

  • 6: Nueva perspectiva Nueva Perspectiva is founded by Idoya Zamorano on planet Zakuya in the Rigellian sector, it is the first Terran colony in that sector

July Edit

  • 8: Regular communications between Mayana and Nueva Perspectiva is established
  • 27: Stellarussia reforms it's government from a military dictatorship to a militarist democracy

August Edit

  • 4: Meshaki forces decisively defeat the Sharinigans at the battle of Tashanga pass, precipitating the fall of the Sharinigan4 Xalackta Chiefdom of Chrysalvio
  • 19: UTSEA Explorer Innocenzo Selvaggia Bandoni colonizes planet X-127-A41 and found UTSEApurple UTSEA Colony of Bandoni
  • 27: Bandoni Colony requires species deemed "Xenomorphs" to pay a living tax on the colony

September Edit

  • 11: Hargei Suevo (b.2399) former member of the Boreluzian Super-State is executed by Lava dip in the Hylogan Directorate
  • 26: Bandoni colony begins it's extermination of the Poricz species on the moon, "Calaku" of planet Bandoni

October Edit

  • 11: Li Wong of the District of the United States begins an uprising against the UTSEA, the Kaiser sends Antarctos Corps to pacify his forces, Wong (b.2455) is killed a month later.

December Edit

  • 6: Zar Kor (b.2437) is executed by Railgun in teh Boreluzian Federation for conspiring with the Boreluzian Super State
  • 15: Meshaki Forces end their 3 year siege on Tashanga City and force the Xalackta to capitulate, Matriarch Seena deposes the Sharinigan Chief: "Satunga Orsin" as the dominant power on Chrysalvio
  • 17:Neyton Perreis is elected Kal Nedis of Castele

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