The southern end of SkyTech city following the Earthquake of 2486, Military forces are scrambled by SkyTech Deputy Director: James Matthewson

January Edit

  • 1: Kallen Redsankela and Skerliek Skazyr join the Red Revolution
  • 1: TEC Nedisorpo Ukhulan Vyrovorm dies (2310-2486)
  • 4: Kallen Redsankela takes over the TEC Government, the TEC Military attempts to assassinate him but fails, this begins a Short civil War

February Edit

  • 11: The Kunica Alliance surrenders to the TEC, ending the Kunica wars.
  • 16: Hover car racer "Jack Bobby Jr." is murdered, Laurie Rogerson is arrested.
  • 20: Krovan, Nuvri Zuvsin is appointed Commander of SSTO

April Edit

  • 4: Jason Maurice Grant buys his way into SkyTech City
  • 6: Cisek University, the first learning center for both Natogytts and Terrans opens on Antarctos.
  • 19: Alfron Jlader and his Emerald fleet secede from the Royal Empire of Sniveria and form the Jlader Raiders of Lonia
  • 29: A Royal Empire Fleet successfully defeats the Shrine Republic and Boreluzian Federation fleets stationed near planet Junat

May Edit

  • 5: Henegan Ardenne takes part in a robbery of the Karikus Armory in Gormandy, Adairis
  • 14: Chall Balevaar and Yeuv Gil leave the Sapphirian Sector following the Shrine Republic's Invasion of Lyonus

July Edit

  • 15: A Human skull is discovered on planet Frontier suggesting the "High Antarctic Empire" Theory, as the skull is around 98,000 years old.
  • 21: The first Kaiser Quarters collapses during an Earthquake in Antarctica, killing 1177 and severely injuring Kaiser Matt Tygore who spends the next 10 days recovering in his old homeland in the District of USA, among the dead, is James Albert Ranson's father: "Tanner Ranson" (2420-2486) and James' brother Rick Ranson (2449-2486)

August Edit

  • 10: Stratun Representatives, push for independence from the UTSEA, the votes fall short by 3 Unionist representatives.
  • 12: Matt Tygore thwarts an assassination attempt in the district of USA, Karen Monroe (2459-2486), the failed assassin is killed on live broadcast.

September Edit

  • 17: Boreluzian Forces (24,000 strong) capture Hyron II from the Hylogan Directorate.
  • 18: Lonian Forces skirmish with the Fourth Shrine Republic near Varrelin
  • 23: Shrinen citizens of the "Boromet Vandergil cult" spread rumors that the coming Double Solar Eclipse is a sign from a mythical demon called the "Nitrox Kraigon" that he has come to consume their psionic link and bring about a third Brain plague

October Edit

  • 10: The Double Eclipse occurs on Shrine and 27 Boromet Vandergil cult members are arrested for the crime of "Vakkerekai" or "False rumors"

November Edit

  • 11: Saolang Chun joins the Red Revolution on Tygotan.

December Edit

  • 3: Silverstone Mercenaries sign a deal with the Dark Star Conglomerate to trade and support eachother.

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