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Ruins of Chensin base, Shrine after the Royal Empire's Nuclear strike



  • 8: Super-Hurricane: Shalimar crashes into the North American east coast kills 2,572 and destroys the entire city of New St. Louis
  • 15: Fulsoff gains independence from AVS and the UTSEA .
  • 17: 70 SR Squadrons invade Sniveria in Operation: Hendergotten (Our Retribution)
  • 30: Stellar Alderman a UTSEA painting is sold for U$9,000,000,000, the Aritist: Cam Braun dies soon after.


  • 5: Shrine Republic imposes a 23% tax on all goods within Klorus in order to fund their war machine on Sniveria
  • 16: The city of Selareu, Klorus begins protesting the Shrine Republic taxes.
  • 17: Abbadosi King: Furyusn Nussn imposes a 50% food tax due to increasing famine in the capitol
  • 18: Henegan Ardenne is arrested by Northsphere Police for his role in the Josminian Enclave Terrorist attacks of 2483-2487 he is charged with Communications crime and is sentenced to ten years.
  • 30: The Boreluzian Federation sends troops to Sniveria in retaliation for the Nuclear attack against Shrine.



  • 8: The SkyTech Solarsite Shielded Star probe successfully lands on the Sun.
  • 9: Spitter Grei (Son of Lidel Grei) is born in Brelyent, Hyperius
  • 13: The Gelded Knights and the Amgis Horde clash in rural areas on planet Capricon 
  • 28: Anika Saller leader of SkyTech dies from food poisoning (2444-2487) She is replaced by Cheyanne Makenishi


  • 11: The HK-91 Interceptor makes it's first successful test flight and the UTSEA quickly orders thousands to be produced.
  • 14: SSTO enacts a trade embargo with the Royal Empire of Sniveria in response to their Nuclear strike on Shrine
  • 31: PMFT 2487 Garrek Series, 21 people are killed in a terrorist attack by Sniverians including one player, "Jamen Rund" (2450-2487)


  • 10: The 8038th Year of founding Parade is held in NTC, Shrine.
  • 14: The Royal Empire suspends selling rare Sniverian ores to SSTO.
  • 18: Tau Ceti Station successfully reaches a surplus on government spending after 5 years of debt.


  • 8: Vyrian World Master: Shadu Ba'Tadu is replaced by his brother Kaduhu Gandu
  • 19: A Nuclear plant in Munky, Antioch explodes killing 7,129 people and irradiating the area for fifty years.


  • 20: The "Union Informant" stops publishing physical papers after 466 years of print.
  • 30: Williamsburg President: Gawahir Al-Ghazzawy is assassinated (2453-2487) by anti-Earthborn extremist soldiers plunging Williamsburg into 19 years of anarchy.


  • 6: Seperatist1 Greater Prosperia secedes from the Terran Ascendency
  • 10: Greater Prosperian militiamen assault the capitol of Antioch and lose 2,041 of the 3,000 forces sent there.
  • 25: Sniveria attempts a second strike on Shrine, the missile is destroyed by Wertias Opop's Ship, the Shrine Republic begins glassing large parts of Sniveria, SSTO withdraws all aid from the SR.
  • 27: Ascendent Guardian Infantry besiege Greater Prosperia, all 17,953 members are killed either from suicide or the fighting.


  • 28: Kal'hu leader of Kyleria during the Emeraldii Great War is charged with war crimes and executed in Borales (2290-2487)

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