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The Selareun Revolt, Klorusian Natogytts donning ancient TSR armor


  • 10: Nodacon tests it's first Space Fighter the "Odacon"
  • 11: Lanse Nation begins it's intervention into Sauria's civil war and ousts the Hasari Rebel group
  • 12: 46 hostages are killed in a botched rescue attempt on Topenon, all Heggen Vendergil terrorists are killed.
  • 15: Darius Brannon (father of Antarctosphere Heroin Carolina Brannon) retires from the UTSEA military after 16 years of service


  • 3: TEC  Nedisorpo: Von Tegra recalls the fleets to crush the Yyrianist forces around Tygotan .
  • 24: SkyWing Covenant begins testing Flash Freeze technology, the UTSEA threatens war if they continue the project.
  • 25: SkyWing President: Osmond Carman defiantly refuses the UTSEA's demands and gains support of multiple rebel groups and the DarkStar Conglomerate


  • 4: Lonians led by Alfron Jlader declare the Royal Empire of Sniveria to be an illegitimate state
  • 5: A meteor strikes in the District of India and kills 27 people and injures 47,000 others it is the most powerful meteor strike in 475 years.
  • 12: 64 Sniverian Legions on Lonia defect to Alfron Jlader and the Shrine Republic, after the Royal Empire's brutality became known.
  • 16: UTSEA Forces blockade Amerigo captiol of the Skywing Covenant, and capture trade ships from rebels and the DSC that attempt to cross the blockade
  • 18: The increasingly worried population becomes erratic and riots begin in the streets
  • 23: The Ice chip (a cheap way to induce endothermic reactions) is invented and is used in the future Project "Crystallos"
  • 26: UTSEA forces bomb SkyWing Science facilities and research centers killing 1958  people.
  • 30: Osmond Carman is found in his office dead and an empty bottle of pills on his desk. (2433-2489)


  • 17: The Selareun revolt begins with Klorusian Natogytts tearing down Shrine Republic Flags and began proping up their own while protesting SR policies
  • 17: Natogytt , Kender Meyhi leaves the Psion order and leaves his spot of Grand Kal open.
  • 18: Ty'Ger , Yu Guan is picked to be the 17,004th Grand Kal of the Psion Order.
  • 20: Brandon Luis is elected President of Skywing and agrees to the terms of the UTSEA by the end of the conflict the UTSEA lost 5 pilots and the SkyWing Covenant lost 12,947 people 6,820 being Miltiary


  • 5:  The Confederate Council of Hyperius discovers Prismatic marbles in the Sark Star System


  • 3: UTSEA and other SSTO nations provides an economic stimulus to Delta Centauri's failing economy, Kaiser: Connor Jamison is forced to step down due to his illogical policies.


  • 15:  Skywing covenant becomes the only the only SSTO member to refuse aid to Delta Centauri, due to their non-support of Kaisers.
  • 19:  3 Pro-Sniveria terrorists bomb the Video Game Entertainment Expo on Mars killing 75 and prompting the UTSEA to ally with the Shrine Republic.
  • 23:  The Maicino Kenterhein building in NTC, Shrine Collapses killing 29,263 people and is the worst non-terrorist structural disaster in Natogytt history.


  • 3: A study published by the McMurdo institute reveals that 35% of all Humans are class 7 Psionic, Kaiser: Matt Tygore is a class 19.
  • 28: Richardine Butler discloses secret UTSEA documents to the public and other governments, the UTSEA authorizes for her assassination, Butler flees to the Boreluzian Federation.


  • 5: Jaitosphere joins the Adairin Viserak Systems
  • 11: Joel Tygore successfully carries out the assassination of Richardine Butler (2448-2488)


  • 8: Due to massive protests, King: Furyusn Nussn is removed from power due to his 2487 50% Tax on food, but violence is widespread, a new organization called the AbbadosiRep Abbadosi Popular Front is created by the peasant class.
  • 16: Boreluzian Officials accuse the Hylogan Directorate of using chemical weapons at the battle of Hyron III.
  • 30: the APF attacks a Kingdom Grocery store and kills 67 on Abbados.


  • 10: The Alliance of Beam Captains and Heroes is reorganized as the United Captain's League, now led by Viserak, Karov Harkoff.


  • 13: Stellarussia refuses to leaves SSTO only to rejoin the next day due to childish behaviour from their representative Viktoriya Pavlov.

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