Harry Mengsk coronation

January Edit

  • 23: The Selareun revolt of 2488 ends This day, with the Klorusians gaining independence from the Shrine Republic, The New factions is merely Klorus2 Klorus
  • 23: The Shrine Republic deploys their new "Scytherian" Class Fighters to counter the Royal Empire "Blaster III" class fighter
  • 24: Royal Empire Forces led by Julenden invade Sholalusz , their goal is to capture the Star Core their and force a negotiation, they are repelled by SR Meta Squadron led by Kommandant Rennier Tygohn 

February Edit

  • 5: Richard Partison Joins the Military and is placed in the Antarctos Corps
  • 17: Kal: Leo Taigo is placed in control of Elite Psi Squadron after, Kenenaes Hartaes becomes a solo agent.
  • 26: The Golden Order succeed in assassinating Star Relic Emperor: Callowei III a Civil war is only prevented due to a popular counter-terrorism strike by the Aeronian and Truk populations
  • 28: 72 Golden Order Members are publically executed with the public cheering for their deaths, the Order was misinformed that the public "hated" their emperor. 

March Edit

  • 5: The "Lanse Founding Day" riots kill 97
  • 11: Project Crystallos is greenlit by Matt Tygore and headed by Professor Lorenzo Jacobs, after the discovery of strange organisms related to the Kandlia
  • 15: Demitros Premaris: Kolken marries Nataka Tan Kar and begins the first Dual Premaris rulership 
  • 19: Harry Mengsk is elected 3rd Ruler of the Roma Empire 

May Edit

  • 3: Emperor: Harry Mengsk orders Natasa Krupin Executed for assassinating his family in 2473 by the Kaiser's Order
  • 3: Kaiser: Matt Tygore  Threatens Invasion if the execution goes through, Roma Empire does not reply.
  • 4: The 52nd SR "General's Assembly" Arcto Archon and Rigel Arcasi meet for the first time, and are impressed with eachother's accomplishments.

June Edit

  • 14: 17th Hylogan-Boreluzian War: Hylogan Forces Decisively defeat the Boreluzian Forces at the battle of Hyron I
  • 17: Emperor Harry Mengsk decides to instead imprison Natasa Krupin for 50 years after heavy pressure from the UTSEA, UTSEA forces leave the orbit of the planet

August Edit

October Edit

  • 3: Naomi Serta, 2514 Champion of PMFT is born on Sovius
  • 20: Bridgette Partison, mother of Richard Partison and Vice Admiral from 2453-2478 dies in a hover-car Wreck. (2439-2489)


  • 12: Kaiser: Drake Liska falls ill and nearly dies, but recovers in 2490
  • 19: A Hylogan Special Force captures Boreluzian Kal Nedis: Da Boliete, he is later executed.
  • 21: A small meteorite destroys the Terran city of Norris on planet Aksewo, all 57,000 are killed.

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