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A USR Kal at Halawi city, Abbados.


February Edit

  • 6: Spitter Lacereon ViI joins the Shrine Republic Military, and is placed in Alpha Squadron 
  • 8: The Abbadosi Popular front storms the Halawi prison on Abbados, freeing 56,000 political prisoners, beginning the Abbadosi Civil War.
  • 10: Abbadosi Civil War: Battle of Vodecca, Kingdom forces led by Erator: Normenin assault a rebel held outpost at Halawi, killing 24,000 rebels only losing 667 soldiers.
  • 19: The Fourth Shrine Republic begins to assist the Abbadosi Popular Front.
  • 20: Arcto Archon is dishonorably discharged from Alpha Squadron for firing on allied Sniverians

March Edit

  • 2: An Yyirianistic movement known as the "Red Revolution" successfully hijacks the TEC , Nedisorpo Van Tegra is executed by fire as he had done to Kallen Redsankela 's men.
  • 5: Shadana Mara leads an unsuccessful attack on Erator: Normenin's forces

April Edit

  • 25:The Kingdom army running out of resources leave Halawi.

May Edit

  • 16: Latanis is crowned Kal Nedis of the Popular Front.

July Edit

  • 11: Satarius Nation joins SSTO .
  • 19: Thad Vespucci, Director of "The Man with the Blue Arms 2453" dies of a massive heart attack (2421-2490)


  • 1: A Dirty nuke destroys the city of Pastethan on Antioch killing 270,000, the SkyWing and Ascendant governments work together to investigate.
  • 27: The UTSEA Bans all nuclear imports for three years.


  • 17: The first Frost Core protoype is created.
  • 18: Duvri Vivsen Orders a new government action "The Zenedine Charter" which restructures the government into a more inclusive one.

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