Clash over Sholalusz


  • 5:The Shirian Party of the FSR Parliament is elected, and the Scytherian party deposed, due to their prolonging of the war.
  • 6: UTSEA Captain: James Rico Hernandez is put in charge of Black Squadron
  • 11: The Josminian Maliquate instigates a rebellion in Stukarakov province of Adairis .
  • 16: Magnez Oltron, founder of the Second Kraytaelai Shleinel  is born


  • 7: Spitter Lacereon VII Retires from Alpha Squadron and returns home to New Antieta Kanderarch
  • 8: Peacekeeper: Narune Tygore and several others are ambushed at Stukarakov and are killed by Josminian Maliquate Rebels and their IEDs
  • 8: Palaome Norat becomes the 742nd Grand Master of the Psion Order
  • 16:Noemi Cerda gains the rank of Vice Admiral for her unit's victory in the Abbadosi Civil War at the battle of Nabdabu City
  • 19: Kallen Redsankela orders an Expedition to the Osian Sector, led by Gargil Mesch, known as the Maroon Expedition
  • 30: Noemi Cerda meets Kaiser: Matt Tygore for the first time, during her "Recognition Event" he reveals that she is a close relative of the Tygore family.


  • 11: Shrine Republic , Castele and Boreluzian Federation forces attack the Royal Empire fleet at Sholacava , unleashing new technology, the Royal Empire loses 55 ships, the allied forces lose 6. 
  • 26: Rigel Boliazo elected Kal Nedis of the Boreluzian Federation, this is the beginning of his five term Kal Nediship


  • 2: The Wolfenzi Star Empire makes a truce with the Great Kandlian Swarm the first time in 572 years any faction has successfully negotiated peace with the Kandlia . The Kandlia get planet Dorekang and the Star Empire are allowed to keep Lucannaus.


  • 19: The Prussia Prussian State of Baelrog is dissolved by the UTSEA for refusing to act as a middle-man for trade between the Shrine Republic and the UTSEA, planet Baelrog is sold to the Shrine Republic.


  • 8: The Borelprian rebellion on Capricon , drives the Capricon Marcadian government to cave to the Borelprian people, and join the Boreluzian Federation in the 17th Boreluzian-Hylogan War, The Borelprians are 27% of the Capricon Natogytt Population.
  • 13: The Terran Colony of Sargus is founded in the Sangerrikan Sector


  • 8: Kaiser Iranan of the Royal Empire defects to the Shrine Republic after the clash over Sholalusz.


  • 17: UTSEA SkyTech Reformer and 125th SkyTech Leader: Martin Martinez is born
  • 23: UTSEA Astronomer Bernie Anderson discovers the first "Green" Star in the Solarian Sector


  • 3: The Dark Star Conglomerate Army of 2500 soldiers arrives on I'Kar and forces the Harchemp population to buy their productions and only DSC products, 1750 civilians are killed.

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