• 11: Kaiser: Matt Tygore finds Velvel Sowards on planet Roma, Matt Tygore notices his latent Psionic powers and begins training him in Antarctica at the age of 12


  • 18: Narro Zarden begins hiding Anti-USR fugitives on planet Abbados


  • 8:  Kayington and Eleva sign a trade agreement bringing the Loyalist Dominion and the Ha Empire closer to together


  • 12: The Sangerrikan's successfully launch their first deep Space probe
  • 13: Mark Calrissio meets his cousin Cathy Josephs at a space platform over Kyleria, Cathy betrays her cousin by framing him for the murder of Viserak: Gorund Jenjile, Mark Calrissio evades Viserak agents but is shot in the left side of his face losing his eyesight and hearing on that side for the next ten years, Calrissio vows revenge.
  • 14: Matt Tygore duels Anti-Psion Natogytt: Sui Kodoria during the UTSEA Operation at Sankerrosphere, (Planet Lassitark) Kodoria is killed and his pro-Basaran allies are captured and killed six days later. 


  • 8: Shaman Acolyte VI Conquers the Dachini, Natok and Shumera tribes at the battle of Tei Bigening ending the Four Colors war, and uniting the Tribbian Humans for the ifirst time in 2772 years


  • 21: The UTSEA Fleet of Hernandez is sent to Kolumnar City (Planet Aridias )  to depose Kal Nedis: Gaser Kiev and his pro-Basaran forces, they are all killed and the UTSEA Fleet captures the city and jointly controls it with USR

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