The aftermath of the Kanderarch Incident



  • 8:Spitter Lacereon VII is officially convicted of Treason and is sentenced to 92 years in prison, after a mishap at the Shrinen Kal Directory the prosecution is forced to reduce the sentence to five years


  • 23:Lidel Grei of Hyperius is elected Kal Nedis
  • 27:Terrorists attack New Bryanwood on Earth during the 403rd "Kaiser Day" Matt Tygore kills them himself individually after destroying their homes, all 71 Terrorists are killed and 957 of their family members are listed as "missing" instead they are forced to join the UTSEA Scouting Corps
  • 30:Hyperius Civil War begins, Lidel Grei is exiled by the Confederate Council


  • 11:Kanderarch Incident :  The UTSEA chases Four Natogytt Explorers who are infected with the Oya-Ocular parasite, as well as discovering an oya fleet being chased by a mysterious entity, the explorers planned to reveal what they saw earlier to the Antieta News station, UTSEA forces track them down and flash freeze the city, Admiral: James Rico Hernandez and Noemi Cerda defect from the UTSEA and are shot-down, USR forces are told to stand down or face consquences, the spineless Commissar: Halen Van Tayer does just that and pulls back. 700,924 People are killed including, James Rico Hernandez, Henrir Arcasi, Kayin Harte and Sergo Thalsn 


  • 14:Einjil Caliko, Thami Blek, Syam Blune, No El and Tigker Brown of the Hyperius Confederacy join Lidel Grei's forces
  • 15:Two defectors aboard the Dominion are hanged by over-patriotic Soldiers the soldiers are charged with murder by James Ranson
  • 16:Noemi Cerda and 56 survivors of the Kanderarch Incident finally leave Kanderarch and head for Shrine to appeal to Leo Taigo
  • 19:Lidel Grei leading the Grey Kraigons and the Gelded Ethrhydor allied with Rigel Arcasi and Halen Vakessi make landfall on Hyperius and battles the Confederacy for the next two months
  • 21:The Kandlia corrupt the Einjineer creating the "Spotter" which is used by the Kandlia as a biological recon balloon
  • 29:Ma Tiego of Hyperius is born 

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