Tamus Kno, Kal Nedis of Hyperius 2554



  • 3: The Kandlia are officially declassified to the Terran Quarter Council


  • 26: The 2499 Power Marble Fighting Tournament begins, Spitter Taigo son of Leo Taigo joins the tournament but is defeated in the 2nd Qualifying round by Torrokak Guko, who goes on to finish in the top 8 before being defeated by  Shirin Strata Carsannia I who wins the tournament in July.


  • 30: Noemi Cerda carries out an attack on Sovius to liberate the people there, her attack is thwarted and the UTSEA wipe out half of her force.


  • 3: The Terrans Invade Borelus as part of the Kaiser's Multi-stage plan to thwart the inevitable Oya Invasion
  • 10: Bentli Wulv defeats Dordress Sakally 382 to 1 in the P.M.F.T the biggest upset in the game's 128 year history
  • 30: The Last Fourth Shrine Republic Outpost is shut down on planet XKCNXH98671 in the Sangerrikan Sector


  • 11: The UTSEA recovers a Kandlian DNA sample during the Kandlian invasion of Hajulai, they discover the nature of the Kandlia and a tiny amount of information on how they control their swarms.


  • 27:  Gerard Tygore is sent to Earth on a diplomatic mission for the UTSEA to send weapons to AVS, he meets Matt Tygore for the fist time.


  • 4: Tartuss Conglomerates attempt to assassinate members of UCL, they fail.
  • 14: The Hylogan Directorate allies with the UTSEA during the invasion of Borelus


  • 27: Matt Tygore's 506th birthday also becomes his great X3 grandson Max Tygore's birthday as well.


  • 16: A russian ship carries the first components of the Centerpoint station to Space Designation site 1-04


  • 4: Elise Maricova (famous actress in 2520's) is born in Braxis, Antarcitca
  • 10: Stundorra suffers a Kraigon stampede crisis 24 Natogytts are killed between November 10, and December 1.
  • 20: Tomus Kno (Future Kal Nedis of Hyperius in 2554) is born 

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