Hyron IV

The massive Earth-like planet, the size of Saturn

February Edit

  • 22: Alexis Sugof, Doran Nazuth , Raark Spherianus and Fuuji Norais begin drawing plans for invading the Sapphirian Sector
  • 28: The Lost Temple a movie about the Viserak riots in 2501 is banned in the UTSEA after being widely regarded as a pro-religious propaganda movie.

April Edit

  • 27: The Terran Ascendency after the 2501 sanctions and trade embargos finally ends it's treatment of female citizens and allows them to vote oncemore
  • 28: The UTSEA ends it's embargo with the Ascendency. 

May Edit

  • 22: Spitter Taigo achieves the rank of "Arbiter"  during his training on Kalrein

June Edit

  • 12: Chairo Durblum and others pick Communications from the little known (by Natogytts) Adairin Viserak Systems, they pick up transmissions that point to a possible invasion of their Sector

July Edit

  • 27: A UTSEA Probe discovers A'Krax and the Dark Ty'Ger

August Edit

  • 2: Yuni Taigo (Leo Taigo 's Brother) Retires from the USR Military and helps his Nephew Spitter Taigo complete his training
  • 25: Naladach Alveone (A violent Agent working for SKN during the Agency Wars) is born

September  Edit

  • 8: Kaptin Nex Wins the P.M.F.T after defeating Girasic Parick 257 to 201 the first Castele-Model Star Relicant to win
  • 16: Jodie Jenson (2483-2503) (Sister of Zach Jenson) dies when her Interceptor explodes mid-flight during a training excercise on the Hadin Space Platform

October  Edit

  • 22: An Ancient SkyTech Battleship is recovered from the South Ocean, it is the "Emperor I" an Aircraft Carrier used by Matt Tygore as his command Center during the Unification war , the Ship is repaired and repurposed into a museum in November
  • 25: A Boreluzian Star Carrier is downed during a Military excersize in Hyron Space

December  Edit

  • 9: Stratisian Liberation Front attacks the USR Embassy on Stratis beginning the Stratisian Insurgency
  • 10: USR Forces are victorious at Souskan Region of Stratis
  • 16: USR Forces are victorious at Stratipoluka
  • 29: Boreluzian Federation sells Hyron IV to the UTSEA for 428,000 tons of UTSEA Military supplies

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