UTSEA Victory Parade after the success of the Antarctic offensive


  • 4:  UTSEA Forces arrive over Kandlios and Flash-Freeze much of the planet as part of the Ranson plan.
  • 23: Roma Emperor: Harry Mengsk marries, Stellarussian President: Venera Elena Mateev forging a new alliance between the two nations
  • 27: The Aridias faction now bankrupt sells their planet to Noemi Cerda and the "Green Revolution" Arid The Aridias Faction dissolves and it's members immigrate to Klorus.


  • 16: Matt Tiger, Inventer of the Fjord Artillery is killed by a home invader on Mars (2422-2506)
  • 27: The Praetorian Kingdoms from their staging area on Acclamon began the reconquest of Insector VI , and successfullly drive out Courier: Rohoh and Courier: Ameril


  • 1: The Kandlia invade Planet Earth
  • 1: Noemi Cerda founds the Axis Axis of Freedom officially
  • 28: Laurie Rogerson (2451-2489) is posthumously exonerated for the murder of Hover Car Racer: Jack Bobby Jr (2444-2486). in 2486 as new evidence proved that it was Laurie's twin sister Nova Rogerson who had killed Bobby.


  • 4: Ten Terran Districts begin the Antarctic Offensive
  • 7: Nova Rogerson is the first person to be executed by Kandlian Corruption (2451-2506)
  • 26: The Antarctic Offensive ends with the Kandlian forces in a full retreat, UTSEA forces are victorious.


  • 1: Courier: Tychondrus is killed by Patriarch Harkoff on Frontier his remains used to create Draliska (2148-2506)
  • 3: Courier: Razurus is killed by SkyTech Forces on Frontier his remains used to create Draliska. (2005-2506)
  • 12: UTSEA passes the "Coil Act" a tax to all Terran Factions that buy Anti-Gravity Coils from the UTSEA
  • 16: Draliska is born, created by UTSEA scientists
  • 20: UTSEA passes the Defensive-Quarters act that requires all Terran factions to allow UTSEA bases and military forces onto their planets


  • 8: A Hurricane destroys 30% of Amerigo city the capitol of the SkyWing Covenant .
  • 20: The Terran Faction: Flag9 Williamsburg is brought under UTSEA control
  • 25: Stellarussian President: Venera Elena Mateev lifts the 27 year ban on Alchohol in Stellarussia


  • 4: Because of the Coil Act DarkStar Conglomerate sympathizers burn down the home of UTSEA Ambassador: Jordan Wilson
  • 11: Sharinigan: Chief: Kasil Orsin is replaced by Vandel Orsin after Kasil breaks his legs after a raid against the Dacini Tribe.
  • 12: Mayana Hunters kill "The Beast of Durango"  after 5 years of terror and 275 deaths, the beast is revealed to be a native species the "Frog-Wolf"


  • 15: UTSEA Ambassador to Williamsburg Ibai Jasso resigns to protest the military takeover of that state.
  • 23: The Coil Act goes into effect


  • 13: Admiral: Lionel Ebert resigns from the UTSEA to protest the military takeover of Williamsburg


  • 11: Spitter Lacereon visits his old home of Old Antieta ten years after it's destruction.


  • 20: The first Viserak Josminian church is established on Frontier

December Edit

  • 4: UTSEA and Natogytt forces led by Spitter Taigo prepare to re-invade Borales to control the Star Beacon there.
  • 8: The first permenant Natogytt immigrant is allowed to live on Earth in New York City.
  • 21:The Arc-Tech Receiver of High Antarctic Origin is discovered.
  • 31: 300th "Alien's Suck" parade is cancelled and abolished by Tau Ceti State.

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