Invasion of Borelecava


  • 17: Roma Emperor: Harry Mengsk dies (2407-2507) and is replaced by Emperor: Ronald Raynor


  • 9: The Battle of the Sky Tiger III , Matt McClellan and Noemi Cerda are almost killed in their unsuccessful raid.
  • 12: Cruor defects from Sentien and joins Harkoff's Swarm
  • 12: Car Ska Duri'n ordered by Cyclonas bomb the Statue of Shie Kaludar (Shirier's Confederate hero of the 5200's BCE) as part of their Anti-Natogytt campaign of terror.
  • 12: Raark Spherianus joins the Josminian Enclave


  • 1: The Invasion of Borelecava  Begins as UTSEA forces secure the Star Beacon at Hell's Caldera
  • 3: Siege of Sentien's Fortress: UTSEA and Draliskan Forces crush Sentien and his Courier's defensive line and bring an end to the rule of the GKSGreat Kandlian Swarm
  • 10: The Coalition to stop the Kaiser, is defeated at Outpost X-11 by UTSEA and Draliskan forces, the First Sector War officially ends with the treaty of New Antieta, where 90% of all remaining Emeraldii forces return home.
  • 27: Univorpal is resettled by Univor colonists and reform the Kingdom of UnivorCrest Univorpal 
  • 28: Zach Jenson is promoted and is placed in the UTSEA Frontier Armada
  • 30: All Kandlia not owned by Harkoff are enslaved by the UTSEA using the Star Beacons


  • 3: The Taigo Dynasty of Kayington returns as a political party
  • 4: Leo Taigo grants the Halacavans independence from the USR and forming the United Sapphirian republic of Hala Halacava
  • 7: Leo Taigo grants the Kanderisians independence from the USR and forming the United Sapphirian Republic of USSK Kandaris
  • 14: Spitter Lacereon VI retires from the Military and heads home to his remaining family in New Antieta, Kanderarch.
  • 17: USR Natopologists dig up an ancient TSR Fighter, known as the "Hunter Assault Fighter Bomber" it is determined to have crashed in 1451 during the Arcturan Terrorist crisis.


  • 5: Terran Anarchist: Ang Zaheer assassinates the UTSEA Governor of Williamsburg causing chaos and widespread terrorism and crime
  • 7: Torrokak Guko defeats Ken Yth again, in the 2507 "Blue Series" of the PMFT.


  • 7: Thomas Natch and others begin the October rebellion on Kanderarch , sowing terror among non-Human civilians
  • 29: Thomas Natch is captured by Jenderiv Vorkenazi and is tortured for six months until his death in 2508 (2466-2508)


  • 1: Makraine joins SSTO

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