UTSEA Forces on Aridias before their withdrawal in early 2509


  • 1: The Coalition Forces assault Loreko De'Tillios' temple and oust him from the Emeraldii Sector, the Josminian Enclave is dissolved and AVS restored.
  • 1: Ionus Maardin is officially elected the 22nd Premaris of AVS
  • 29: Klorus joins the New Sapphirian Alliance
  • 30: Visorollo Kasen joins the Silverstone Mercenaries and decides to live on Solion


  • 11: Spitter Taigo thwarts a terrorist hijacking of a NTC Airliner by killing Palladius Starati foiling the plot which was planned by Cyclonas.
  • 11: "Commander" Draliska is officially recognized as a military officer within the UTSEA, the first Kandlian ever. 
  • 27: 82 former Abbadosi Kingdom officials are tried and imprisoned for their crimes during the Abbadosi Civil lWar


  • 12: USR joins in on the campaign against Egotek Vandergil on Topenon by using their Star Sceptor Fighters and Star Scythe Bombers
  • 17: Henegan Ardenne returns to AVS 
  • 18: Noemi Cerda coerces Mark Calrissio and others to join her rebellion after the Battle of Silverstone .
  • 19: The Kandaris Indpendence Referendum falls short by just 4790 votes



  • 19: PMFT: Two time Champion Spitter Taigo barely defeats Juggernaut and first cousin, Tamis Knowles 177 to 174 in the 2509 Home Series


  • 13: The Arc'Berlaren history report is published by Boralissian Historian Vayger Oyaj
  • 19: After a succesful assault on the UTSEA base at Sovius , Noemi Cerda (in her belief that her uncle James Albert Ranson would defect) mistakenly allowed Ranson to think things over, bound by honor to the Kaiser, James informed him of the Liberation and soon after the UTSEA fleet dropped a frost core, activated a star-beacon and flash froze the planet killing most of the population.


  • 24:  The Axis of Freedom reclaims Aridias from the Feral Kandlians swarms, killing three Couriers in operation: "Burning Fire"

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