AVS Fleet 410 Marches on Acclamon's capitol (2514)

Janurary Edit

  • 20: Leo Taigo is impeached and kicked out of office, by the Scytherian Party and Van Tego.
  • 20: Van Tego is elected Kal Nedis of USR.
  • 20: During the Sectorial Species Census, only 546 Arc'Belaren are counted.

February Edit

  • 18: Talora Yisha proposes to Gerard Tygore that they ally with rival Visorollo Kasen and form an independent state on Solion
  • 25: Van Tego founds ArcusFlag USR: Arcus Squadron as part of an anti-Terran "Natofication" campaign, and as part of a new set of Squadrons, that are still used by future Kal Nedis'
  • 25: Horat Center is repaired following the attacks on September 21, 2512, the building is renamed Horat Shirian Center

April Edit

  • 21: A volcano in Moxigua province of Adairis erupts and damages the city of Verdesov, killing 7
  • 22: Danyule Klighton returns to his home of in the Fulsoff Republic and is appointed "Cossakor" of the Fulsoff Armada

June Edit

  • 6: The lave from the Moxigua volcano links Moxigua with the island of Nayam
  • 30: Spitter Taigo's Desert Kraigons team in the Power Marble TEAM Tournament are victorious in the 12th Annual PMTT of Shrine under the leadership of Tamis Knowles

July Edit

  • 1: PMFT Purple Series: Naomi Serta nearly ties with Tory Griffen 257-255 only winning by sticking her landing after clashing in an air fight with her opponent.
  • 28: The Black Fist forces The President of the Unionist party of Williamsburg: Johannes Good, to step down. Unionist forces retaliate with a drive by attack on a Black Fist held warehouse killing 12.

August Edit

  • 15: Kuveer Williams of the District of Taiwan founds the EarthMonarchy Earth Empire rebel group, and proclaims himself as Emperor of Earth, with only 15 members, few notice.
  • 31: 250 People join the "Earth Empire"

September Edit

  • 9: Eric Yawjaw forms the "Arrow of Acclaim" group on Williamsburg
  • 12: The Emeraldii Economic Union is founded
  • 19: Abbadosi Republic joins the Centerpoint Alliance
  • 23: Aridias joins the New Sapphirian Alliance

December Edit

  • 5: The Second Expedition ends in failure, but Satista De'Latonus successfully killed three Couriers before her rout, with the Neuro, Synapse and Cerebra swarms being eradicated, further weakening the Arcmind
  • 25: AVS Premaris: Ionus Maardin seizes Acclamon from the Clopredian Knights after their King insulted the "god" "Josmin", Praetorian, Wolfenzi and Sharinigan forces collude to have him deposed.

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