Adairin Acclamators
Founded November 3rd 2472
Defunct Still active
Race Viserak
Denonym Acclamator
Population 175,000
Leader Danyule Klighton
Secondary lead Raark Hariun
Head of State Commander
Currency -
Official Language -
Formed from Gerard Tygore's 412th Fleet
Strength 412th Fleet
Founding Document Premaris Sugof: Edict #7521
Preceded By AVSFleet9 412th Fleet
Alliance AVS
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Adairis
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Adairin Acclamators are a force of elite Viserak forces used to pacify rebellions or capture traitors.


The Disorder

The conflict started after Gerard's return from the sapphirian Sector, AVS and Gerard Tygore temporarily reconciled following Harkoff's death, but soon after they were at war again, the final fight was at Borelecava where Gerard Tygore and his former friend, Daniel Klighton did battle leaving the Acclamators victorious and gerard mostly in shambles.

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