Adairin Viserak Systems (AVS)
Crest of Adairin Council
Founded November 18, 2358
Defunct This Faction is still active
Race Viserak/I6-Praetorian/Clopredus/Demitros
Denonym Adairin
Population 72,842,900,000
Leader Premaris: Ionus Maardin

Premaris: Alexis Sugof (2492-2509)

Secondary lead Kyo-Premaris: Henegen Ardenne
Head of State Premaris
Currency Visarbles
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from Viserak Empire
Strength The AVSN


Founding Document Hemsway Doctrine
Preceded By VEmpire Viserak Empire
Alliance Josminian Covenant (State Religion)(now banned)

Emeraldii Trade Organization

Location Emeraldii Sector/Rigel Sector/Amethy Sector
Capitol Azul City, Northsphere Planet Adairis
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

AVS is a Viserak government in the central Emeraldii sector, it is the fifth largest faction of the nine sectors and is a major player in sectorial politics

The ashes of the Viserak Empire

As the Imperial Fleet led by Jenozenon Hemsway I conquered the hated Wubellian capitol world in 2358, back home on Adairis a major political movement began to change everything.

The Krussiosphere political party succeeded in launching a coup against the government's regional warlords across the sector, quickly turning the government into a more democratic style of government structure. Soon after the Wubellian war was over, and with it so was the Empire.

Blockade of Demitros

AVS hadn't forgotten the Demitrosone role in the war, the first AVS Premaris was former Beam Captain, "Jenozenon Hemsway I" who previously in the 2350's was repeatedly defeated by Demitrosone fleets during the Fall of Adairis in 2353, he had lost many of his original unit, his anger prompted him to launch a blockade of the Demitrosone homeworld in 2363 in his first fleets of 319 and 125 were destroyed, however the newly created "412th" broke enemy lines and conquered the Demitrosone their government was dissolved and replaced with heavy handed and borederline racist policies against them.

The Civil War on beyond..

AVS fell into civil war in the 2490's after the assassination of Premaris: Arctus Sugof.