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Azul City Capitol of Adairis

Adairin Viserak Systems
The AVS logo features Planet Adairis in the Center

Type of Government

Socialist Republic

Founding Document

Articles of Reformation 2387

Head of State

Premier of AVS

Date of Establishment

September 1st 2387


Azul City, Northsphere, Adairis

Official Language

Squablo 2101-2177, Spheri 2177-????


Adairin Credits

State Religious body

The Josminian Templar Caste

National Holiday

Unification day 9/30/2101


Semeraldii Sos Eviserakii (The Viserak of Emeraldii the sector)

Early HistoryEdit

The Adairin Viserak Systems was formed on September 1st 2387 after the landslide election of Kralov Svorken the successor of the Viserak Imperial Dictator Horase Pecifeld.

AVS Dissolved the Viserak Empire in favor of a Socialist Republic.

In 2399 The Senator of Aegius (Ee-Juss) Califir Horakamoore opted to secede from AVS however Premier Armeni Kia denied that choice and threatened to impeach Horakamoore with this anti Armeni Sentiment rose between the Aegiuns. on 2402 a would be assassin attempted to snipe Armeni Kia on one of his Federal Parades the sniper was counter sniped by AVS Agent Del'A'Rosan Hemsway (Father of Jenozenon Hemsway) 2 weeks after this Premier Armeni Kia demanded that Califir Horakmoore to arrest over 700 Anti-Armeni conspirators, Califir Disregarded that Armeni Kia planted a force of Elite Jet Troopers including Jenozenon Hemsway they assassinated Califir Horakmoore on June 14th 2402, The next day His successor Kaimex Horakamoore (His son) Seceded from AVS and Declared war on it thus on June 15th 2402 The Aegiun Revolution began.

The Aegiun Revolution lasted for 10 years until AVS troops pulled out of Aegius, both AVS and the New Aegiun Protectorate agreed to the treaty of Azul in July 27th, 2412 thus ending hatred torwards eachother during the war 966,000 lives were lost 871,000 were Aegiuns and the rest were Viserak that year Jenozenon Hemsway left the Elite Jet troopers in order to take care of his children. AVS recognized Aegius as an independent Nation on September 15th, 2412.