KasenyarFlag2 Adairis
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial Planet, 1 moon: Ramus
Climate Earth Like, 75% Jungle

Continents: 4





Sector Emeraldii
Faction KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium
System Josmin, 3rd position of 4
Natives Viserak
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History Jinyuhudani Jinyuhudani Syndicate ?-? (Estimated Control based on ancient megaliths)

ViserakStar Arc'Belaren Dominion ?-130,000+ BCE

Imperium2 Psion Imperium ?-6300 BCE

BoralesFlag Boralissian Empire 6300-4995 BCE

VEmpire Josminian Empire 2102-2358 CE

AVS Adairin Viserak Systems 2358-2506

KasenyarFlag2Kasenyar Imperium 2506-?

Adairis is the homeworld of the Viserak and the site of the earliest known Star Beacon. it is the capitol of the Kasenyar Imperium, to Josminians, Skolanders and Mosists this planet is holy.

History Edit

Evidence of Jinyuhudani control Edit

Arc'Belaren Experiments Edit

Psion Imperial Outpost Edit

Boralissian Hunting Colony Edit

Rise of the Natives Edit

Religious Schisms Edit

The Adairion Wars Edit

The Josminian Empire Edit

The Wubbelian War Edit

Age of Hemsway Edit

Viserak Civil War Edit

First Sector War Edit


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