Adaxi Pushov
Adaxi part of Heinlein Squadron in 2464
Born 2440
Died 2501 (Hydrus Assassination)
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Faction BF Boreluzian Federation
Occupation Terrorist
Faction History BF Boreluzian Federation 2440-2496

Heinlein BZF Heinlein Squadron 2459-2474

Tolcien BZF Tolcien Squadron 2474-2489

Anti-Terran Anti-Terran Kal-Dallade 2496-2501

Adaxi Pushov was a Boreluzian Federation Soldier initially part of Heinlein squadron in the 2460's and 70's, he joined other units during the interstellar Shrine wars . after the war ended in 2492 he retired and settled down in Boliatzuyi province keeping contact with his family who had moved to Kanderarch only a year prior, unfortunately trouble would come his way when four Natogytt explorers warped in prompting to tell the USR about what transpired on Sangerrika, the UTSEA fleet incinerated the city to keep their secret weapon from being found out. Adaxi Pushov's family was destroyed and soon after he became filled with rage, he would later commit anti-Terran terrorist acts across the stars, finally being assassinated by Hydrus Tygo in 2501.

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