Patreon: Adrriek Sark
Born July 17, 2445 Korrelekon
Died -
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Gold
Faction TEC TEC: Korrelekon
Occupation Patreon of the Korrelekon fleets
Faction History TEC TEC 2445-2517

Patreon Patreon's Fleet 2517-2517

Anti-Terran Anti Terran Coalition 2518-2519

TEC Korrelekon 2519-2523

BlackWing BlackWing Squadron 2523-2523

Patreon2 The Trans-sectorial Compact 2523-?

Adrriek Sark is a Patreon of Korrelekon meaning he is essentially a governor with advanced military power.

Second Sector War

Sark helped Skazyr and Redsankela in their invasion of the Sapphirian Sector. Sark became a tourist and visited Tygotan II's cities as a conquerer.

TEC Conquest of Tygotan II. Sign: "Welcome to Tiagarro City thirty miles north of Kang THIS STATE ENFORCES A WEAPON'S BAN"

Adrriek Sark kept control of Korrelekon during the war, but when the Arcmind invaded Tygotan in 2511, he sent forces to retake it, however he failed miserably and lost 5 Million troops over time, he was reprimanded by Ulrek Keysure, Patreon of Tutotzi, in response Sark killed him.

Draliskan Uprising

In 2517, Draliska found purpose and aimed to create his own Kandlian Empire , once Draliska went through the Rift Anchor he encountered Sark's forces, Sark quickly used this as a plan to retake Tygotan, having already tracked Cruor's forces he allowed them to flee to Kandlios where Sark gave chase. 

After Sark's forces feigned defeat on Kandlios, he surrendered to Draliska. However Sark didn't expect the arrival of the Dark Star Conglomerate led by Vanessa Cerda . Her forces were sent by Mark Calrissio and the DSC Council to capture the Kandlia for their own ends. Vanessa ordered Tactical Nuclear strikes on Allied positions. The allied forces broke through however, and overran Cerda's force, she surrendered and joined the Coalition.

The Plan crumbles

After Sark helped Draliska reach the Rift Anchor, he began his plot to retake Tygotan. As the forces defeated the Arcmind's elite forces, Sark assumed that he had Draliska fooled, unfortunately Sark himself was key to Draliska's own plan. 

During the early morning of Tygotan while Cruor , Vanessa AND Sark were sleeping, Draliska besieged their positions and quickly defeated them, Draliska had long learned of Sark's own plan and used it to give him a false sense of superiorty, Draliska nearly killed Sark, but Sark survived his injuries and two hours later, Draliska's forces had left Tygotan in search of Cruor and the Arcmind.

Revenge plans

Sark found the few remaining TEC forces on Tygotan and with them limped away to seek refuge on previous conquered Tygotan II where he recovered and made plans to get back at Draliska, unfortunately for him Draliska had created the Draliskan Empire and was more powerful than ever, Sark recovered Vanessa Cerda who had been corrupted and the two of them made a plot to take down the UTSEA which would cause Draliska to fall as well.

The Plan Fails


"The Infinite Invasion of Tygotan"

After they seemingly killed the Kaiser on Earth , the allies faced the Dark Ty'Ger , they were easily defeated, eventually another Coalition led by Draliska would push back the Ty'Ger out of many worlds in Emeraldii. Sark's allies started to fall one by one, The Kaiser is back, and his, Draliska, Spitter Taigo and Gerard Tygore's combined plans were all coming to fruition, first Van Tego was assassinated, then Vanessa Cerda who was revived and resocialized, then finally Cruor and most of the Couriers were rescued by their enemy Draliska while a few other lower couriers formed a new Arcmind and departed to parts unknown, Sark decided that his plans have all failed and it was time to return to Tygotan, eventually in a strange twist, the UTSEA had helped rebuild the infrastructure of Tygotan in their plan to create a new balance of power and to have the new TEC join the Centerpoint Alliance.

Sark retired from the military and returned home to Korrelekon.

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