Founded August 1, 2470
Defunct -
Race Aegiun Ty'Ger, Viserak, Lorian
Denonym Aegiun


Population 7,575,000,000
Leader Rei Lider: Yakanovick
Secondary lead Task Master: Silradla
Head of State Rei Lider
Currency Dalets Sun
Official Language -
Formed from Aegius, Copatia 17 other worlds
Strength 1256 Legions of 60,000 troops
Founding Document -
Preceded By Aegio Aegius

Aegio Copatia

VEmpire Hycron Viserak Systems

Vector Satrune Empire

Alliance Emeraldii Economic Union
Location North Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Belai/Zendune
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Aegio-Copatia is a Ty'Ger, Viserak and Lorian multicultural Economic based nation in the northern Emeraldii sector, formed by 17 worlds and four nations they unified in the face of their former leader Hydron's civil war and fall to the forces of Hilrendago who seperated from what was known as the "Hydrusphere" The rest of the sphere fearing an economic collapsed pooled their resources together in a gamble and won big.

They are one of the wealthiest and economically powerful nations in the Delta Quadrant

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