AntarcticFlag Antarctic Republic
Founded March 20, 2019
Defunct -
Race Terran
Denonym Antarctican
Population 960,000
Leader President: Matt Bloom
Secondary lead Vice President: James McMurdo
Head of State President
Currency Union Dollars
Official Language English, Spanish, Russian
Formed from SkyTech, USA Antarctic Research Teams
Strength 150,000 District Guard
Founding Document Order de Kaiser 96
Preceded By Argentina Argentine claimed Antarctic Territory
Alliance UTSEA
Location Antarctica, Earth
Capitol McMurdo
Now Part of AntarcticFlag Antarctic Republic

 The Antarctc Republic is the capitol district of the UTSEA and SkyTech . The Republic is a semi-autonmous state like the other 200+ districts, but with more power than them all, having a direct link to UTSEA and SkyTech high command. 


Map of the Republic by 2514

Early History:

Early OnEdit

Antarctica was discovered in the 19th century and was theorized to have existed for many centuries prior, in the 20th century the nations of old Earth had agreed to keep the continent neutral, though many nations still claimed parts of it.

By the time of World War III the US and some other nations still had reserarch bases filled with scientists stranded on the continent, and were only a few months away from starvation, however in 2015 a military force, "SkyTech" arrived, defeated a small US flotilla nearby, conquered the continent and impressed the Researchers into their faction as full "Antarctic Republic" citizens as it was founded days after the invasion

Unification's endEdit

Main Article: Unification War

As the United Nations allied fleet approached Antarctica, Admiral: Matt Tygore, unleashed his new superweapon, the "Sky Tiger 0" as the fighting began, SkyTech and allied forces from world-wide began to attack their nations en masse, as the unprepared UN forces marched to "SkyTech City" (then a village of prefabricated structures) the SkyTech forces had the equipment and winter gear to counter the UN numbers, by the end of the battle, all UN forces were either killed or captured.

The Last FrontierEdit

The newly created UTSEA allowed the thousands of SkyTech members to live in Antarctica in increasingly more hospitable conditions, first with heated prefabricated structures and artificial farms as well as fishing, but over time development of anchored structures that use chemicals to keep the Ice they are anchored to cold and seperate from the heated internal housing, over the next few decades indoor farms and smal compact cities sprouted all over the continent, with that Antarctica was the last continent conquered by humanity.

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