Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial (Ice)
Climate Ice
Sector Solarian/Sapphirian
Faction United Terran Systems of Earth basedAntarctica
System Arctic Sun
Natives Native Antarctos (Extinct)
Discovered 2122
Discoverer Kaiser StratosTygo
Existent Yes
Faction History {{{Faction History}}}
Antarctos is a planet in the Arctic Sun System in the Solarian/Sapphirian Sector border.  The planet is a major Military outpost for the UTSEA



The ruins of an ancient city

Sometime before the Terrans or Natogytts even evolved the planet was likely an Earthlike planet, research has shown this to be likely, fossils of a  race only known as the "Native Arctos " were found as were remnants of cities not to different looking from those on Early 20th Century Earth , these frozen cities were buried by thousands of feet of Ice and snow and were thus lost until the 26th Century.

Sector Wars

The planet was invaded by the Kandlian Swarm in early 2506, as part of a trap laid out by Kaiser StratosTygo , the Kandlia left the planet shortly after, Patriarch Harkoff however snuck past them and formed his own base there, he was defeated near the end of the year by Imperial Squadron.

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