The Flag of "Rage"
Founded March 11, 2103
Defunct September 3, 2103
Race Terran
Denonym Antonian
Population -
Leader Craig Antony
Secondary lead Percilla Einsin
Head of State -
Currency -
Official Language English, Spanish
Formed from 75,000 former Planetary Statist Soldiers
Strength 75,932 (April 19)
Founding Document Anti-Globlization Manifesto
Preceded By Union Anti Imperialist Movement
Alliance Anti-Unionists
Location North Texas, parts of Oklahoma, Mississipi and Chihuahua
Capitol New Dallas
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Antonia was a short lived faction on Earth who took arms against the UTSEA in a vain attempt to halt the UTSEA's Globlization and space empire building efforts.

The faction was created ten years after the end of the Second Space War where Anti-Unionist numbers dropped, the soldiers who were now hated by the communities joined together and began an uprising in the Southern District of America and Northern District of Mexico, the fought an insurgency against the UTSEA for months before the Kaiser himself arrived to allow the Antonians to surrender, they refused and the Kaiser captured and publicly executed 7002 members one by one before Craig Antony surrendered.

The rest of the rebels were either killed or arrested and were forced into resocialization to serve the UTSEA without question on the frontlines of any potential conflicts with Alien Factions. Domestic Policy following this event changed to a harsher stance on any anti-Unionist behaviour.

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