Arc-Wave Resonator
Vital statistics
Type Power Station
Effects Contains near limitless electrical and nuclear energy
Purpose Power the Rift Anchors on Tygotan (Formerly)

Power core for the Centerpoint Station

Faction Arc'Belaren ?-122,000 Estimate

Nedisorpian State of Scytheria 8,665BCE - 6,652 BCE

Tygotan Empire 6652- 6,000

TEC 2511 CE - 2511 CE

Infinity Swarm 2511 - 2511

UTSEA 2511-

Legal Status None stated
Created 128,000+ BCE
Creator Arc'Belaren
Obsolete -
The Arcwave resonator is a powerful structure that uses Arc-wave technology to create electrical and nuclear energy, it's unknown exactly what this was used for in the past but it's guessed that it was used to power the once buried rift anchors. But it is now used as the power source for the Centerpoint Station.


In 2511 the broken TEC discovered the structure after the Arcmind departed from the Crater it had created from it's arrival, but not long after that when the Infinity Swarm overran that location.

Meanwhile on Earth, Terran probes had discovered the structure as well, and instead of contructing a power core from scratch, StratosTygo sent James Albert Ranson and the Antarctosphere fleet to secure the site and capture the structure. At some unknown point after the attack on Earth, Loreko Del'Tilios tricked James Albert Ranson into abandoning his job and attacking the Centerpoint station.

The UTSEA sent Cheyanne Makenishi to retrieve it after reactivating the Rift Anchor. It is now a part of the Centerpoint Station. 

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