The Arcmind orbiting victoriously over Tygotan I
Born 1/1/2511
Died 2517 (Broken by Cruor)

2522 Reorganized

Race Kandlian
Gender  ?
Hair -
Eyes -
Faction Infinity Infinity Swarm
Occupation Central nervous system of Kandlia/Organic Space Station
Faction History Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-?

 "The merging is complete! We can feel the swarm from across the stars! they will return to their homeland soon! Couriers, the TEC leader has escaped, however he has been corrupted and will soon lead us to the TEC homeworld and with it the end of their EMPIRE! Destroy every last one of them!"

-Birth of the Arcmind


With the TEC Invasion of the Sapphirian Sector underway by late 2510, The Kandlian Swarms were forced to ally with their enemies and by suggestion of Kaiser Matt Tygore , they were to merge their leaders into a central power system, and by 2511 they did, the Arcmind was formed from, Harkoff, Sentien, Crux Vorpalis, Brunin and Draliska.


The Arcmind led the swarm to eradicate the TEC on their homeworld, closing off their communications and preventing most of them from escaping.The Arcmind had destroyed most of the TEC's production and defensive facilities on the planet, The Arcmind killed both Skerliek Skazyr and Kallen Redsankela before consolidating it's rule over the planet.

Battle for the Rift AnchorsEdit

Around the world, the TEC remnants and Korrelekon forces fought the Arcmind's forces for control of  the rift anchors and thus control of the ancient spacelanes from which gave rise to the Sectors. Though two other groups of opposing forces had used them to warp to Earth for at the time reasons unknown. some of the Arcmind's forces were caught up in the warp and were trapped on Earth as well.

The Allied ForcesEdit

The Arcmind was facing problems with it's newfound capitol on Tygotan, thus it allied with the Sapphirian Natogytts and the Terran Kaiser, the allies forces attacked the Fist of Emeraldii along with their TEC allies in Scytheria Province, Matt Tygore and Rigel Arcasi's forces attacked first by defeating Visorollo Kasen and Mark Calrissio, after their capture The Arcmind and Spitter Taigo besieged the Great Silver Fortress where the fake Redsankela was hiding.


As the Natogytt forces returned to Tygotan to kill Loreko, the Arcmind was already in combat with him and was actually winning the battle. However it feared that the Natogytts may interfere and thus allow Loreko to win. The Arcmind decided to consume his allies for biomass and strengthen it's own power, Shadana Mara was killed her forces consumed, while Spitter Taigo and some of his forces escaped and fled to parts unknown, Rigel Arcasi held out and was helped by the Axis of Freedom and Gerard Tygore's Forces who both arrived just in time.


The Arcmind's forces were outmanuerered by the angry Allied forces Rigel Arcasi besieged the Arcmind itself and sent it into Remission and in doing so released biomass and psionic powers of the formerly merged Draliska, Its swarms were passive for a time.

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