Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Desert, some grasslands and forests, no polar caps
Sector Sapphirian/Emeraldii/Antares Border
Faction Axis of Freedom
System Hilgar (Position 4)
Natives none
Discovered 2300
Discoverer Terry Brown (UTSEA)
Existent yes
Faction History Shirier2Empire of Shrine 4002-3966 BCE

Sedona2FK Sedona Sapphirian Company 3966 BCE - 1900 CE

Legopian Aridias 1900 - 2257

Capri2 Marcadian Capricon 2257-2298

Arid The Aridias Faction 2298-2506

CerdaRev Cerda's Revolution 2506-2507

Axis Axis of Freedom 2507-2509

UTSEA UTSEA 2509-2525

TerranFlag1 Aridias 2525-

Aridias is a desert world near the border of three sectors, it is the capitol of the Axis of Freedom and is a perfect hiding place for rebel factions. The atmosphere is breathable for Humans , Natogytts and Viserak , unprotected and is likely to have been a more forested world in the recent past.



The Sands of Aridia

Near the end of the Sector wars , the UTSEA tracked down the rebels on Aridias, the UTSEA was victorious and reclaimed the frost core that the rebels stole.

The UTSEA returned in 2509 testing their controlled swarms to take over the planet, The Axis of Freedom managed to destroy the Star beacons on the planet, and departed from the planet. Months later, the Aof returned with allies and defeated another UTSEA garrison there, they also fought against Mark Calrissio's forces who had been there as well and retoook the planet in December 24th of 2509 

They finally used an abandoned UTSEA weapon to destroy the rampaging swarms on the surface and reclaimed their world after a near disasterous battle.

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