Basaran Kiev's War
Main Info
Date April 4, 2492 - December 7, 2495
Place Sapphirian Sector
Result Basaran Kiev's main forces surrender at Antieta, Basaran Kiev Assassinated, continued minor resistance from some former Basaran officers. USR Preserved.
Major Battles Battle of Alocacchia

First Battle of Antieta

Battle of Weksordon

Battle of King Yasha

Second Battle of Antieta

Force 1 Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

Supported by:

Kflag Kanderarch Self Defense Forces

AbbadosiRep Free Abbadosi Army (-2494)

AbbadosiRep Abbadosi Republic (2494-2495)


SRE Carsannian Empire

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate

HaEmpire Ha Empire ______________________________________________

Force 2 Republic5 Fifth Shrine Republic †

Supported by:

BF Boreluzian Federation (denied)

Omicron Omicron Squadron †

Beta Beta Squadron

AbbadosK Abbadosi Kingdom

USSK Kandarissian Liberation Front †

StratF Stratisian Liberation Front

Capri2 Marcadian Kingdom (2492-2493)

Force 3 SMG Saurian Miner's Guild
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Advanced Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo
Leader 2 Republic5 Kal Nedis: Basaran Kiev
Leader 3 SMG Dyzaltator: Han Sar
Leader 4 -
Army 1 77% of the Shirian military forces and 68 squadrons
Army 2 30% of the remaining Military forces and four former squadrons
Army 3 SMG Self Defense Forces
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 600,000
Deaths 2 490,000
Deaths 3 972
Deaths 4 -
Previous Shrine Wars
Next Basaran Insurgency in Kanderarch

History Edit

Aftermath of the Shrine Wars Edit

The Blaze of Civil War Edit

Loyalist Takeover of Kanderarch Edit

Foreign Assistance Edit

Arcasi V. Archon Edit

Rebellions and Uprisings Edit

Abbadosi Civil War spillover Edit

SMG Power play Edit

Assassination of Basaran Kiev Edit

Second Battle of Antieta Edit

Surrender at Vestend Edit

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