Battle of Cher Beta
Main Info
Date December 1st 2518
Place Cher Beta
Result Allied Forces Victorious, Fleet of the StratosTygo Destroyed
Major Battles -

Forever Swarm

United Sapphirian Republics

Force 2 UTSEA
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Vanessa Cerda

Van Tego

Leader 2 Kaiser: Matt Tygore

Admiral Jay Grant

Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Fleet of the StratosTygo
Army 2 Forever Swarm Greater Grendel Fleet

Van Tego's Fleet

Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 157,000
Deaths 2 120,200 Both forces
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous -
Next -
The Battle of Cher Beta, was a decisive battle beween the UTSEA and the Allied Forces, marking the turning point in the Second Civil Strife .


As Cheyanne Makenishi's forces chased the Axis of Freedom led by Matt McClellan after his defeat at the battle of Qangbon on planet Cher Beta, the Allied forces began doubting in their ability to defeat the UTSEA , Van Tego and Vanessa Cerda both agreed that they would be hunted and killed by the Kaiser if they didn't defeat the UTSEA, at the same time, the Kaiser began planning for the Great Political purge, by setting up the UTSEA for failure with no-one the wiser, against Admiral: Jay Grant's suggestions Matt Tygore ordered the Fleet of the StratosTygo to hold orbit over Cher Beta and await the oncoming enemy attack.

Meanwhile, Payton Tongsen an advisor aboard the "Devastor" Harbinger advised Jay Grant to switch their weapons from Frost Core cannons to standard guns, giving false information that the enemy was coming with smaller ships, thus setting the stage for the battle ahead.

The Battle


Vanessa Cerda and Van Tego's Forces warped in as predicted and suffered heavy casualties upon entering the atmosphere but they weren't destroyed due to the weapon's shift earlier that day. Matt Tygore oversaw the battle without firing a shot, Vanessa Cerda now with the capable strategist De-Corrupted Patreon: Adrriek Sark managed to outmaneuver Jay Grant's Fleet.

Mistakes were made

Soon after Van Tego's second in command: Hildao Growko opened a warp rift directly in the center of the fleet and detonated his ship in the middle of it destroying much of the fleet, Matt Tygore waited for Cerda to make another move, Cerda boarded the SkyTiger IV but was easily defeated in hand to hand conflict, her forces who had boarded were wiped out. Vanessa Cerda later returned to her own Greater Grendel and boarded Jay Grant's Ship, during this attack Payton Tongsen defected to the Allied Forces, unbenknownst to him however his ship was being tracked by Matt Tygore.

Final Stages

Jay Grant attempted to kill Vanessa Cerda but failed, he then called Matt Tygore for assistance, but witnessed the SkyTiger IV warping out of the system, Jay Grant was then killed by Cerda, and the rest of the fleet now leaderless fell apart and retreated to Earth .

Matt Tygore's Plan

Matt Tygore had succeeded in having the corrupt Jay Grant killed, his next move was to allow the allied forces to attack Earth, and destroy the leadership of the UTSEA while he awaits the Dark Passenger's invasion, when the Invasion did occur, his enemies had all been weakened, and during the invasion they were ultimately conquered by the Passengers, the Passengers saw the Earth Terrans as little threat and left them be while attacking the larger empires.

Despite their victory, All participants of this battle sans Matt Tygore would be a part of Centerpoint Alliance before 2530.

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