Battle of Chrysalvio
Occupied Sharinigan city
Vital statistics
Participants Meshaki



Date March 1st - April 2nd 2502
Location Chrysalvio
Result Meshaki forces put into POW camps

Sharinigan retake planet

The Tundra

Gerard was sent to planet Chrysalvio to assist what was thought to have been a sharinigan woman, they were told to hunt down and kill a Sharinigan terrorist group, they tracked down the Sharinigans and killed them all, without resistance, they discovered that they killed men under the authority of Kasil Orsin, the "sharinigan woman" was Seena who was a master of voices, the Meshaki took them into custody and began testing on the Task force C, the Meshaki even used Kandlian DNA to test on them, corrupting some of them, this backfired as the rapidly mutating virus turned the Viserak victim into a rampaging beast that had enough of his own memories to help his fellow brethren.

Gerard and a few others escaped into the tundra. the viserak beast was killed soon after while Gerard was again captured, this time by Kasil Orsin, after a few hours they realized that the Meshaki and the Kandlia were conspiring against AVS and were planning a massive attack on Adairis itself, the two eventually decided the only way out was an insurgency.

Operation Shockwave

Four weeks passed since Gerard's arrival, Gerard his men and the Sharinigans readied themselves for a campaign against the Meshaki, their goal was to get out a distress call to AVS or UCL to send in relief, and on the last day of the month, they attacked with force, Gerard found the holding prison he was in previously and released the Viserak test subjects which brutally cannibalized the Meshaki guards, Gerard used his skill and tactics to reach Seena's command center, where they dueled, Seena was finally killed by a surprise attack from Kasil Orsin.

The viserak allies set off charges that they made themselves which destroyed the Meshaki command base and giving everyone time to escape. UCL was contacted which they finally got AVS to get involved the alliance killed or captured the remaining Meshaki allowing the Sharinigans to retake their homeworld, Gerard's depression was over, and now he realized his own skill, growing just a little arrogant and proud afterwards.