Battle of Sonora
Main Info
Date June 21, 2015
Place Sonoran Desert
Result SkyTech Victory

Capture of Melissa Harrison

Collapse of NightTech

Major Battles The 9PM House to House Skirmish
Force 1 SkyTech
Force 2 NightTech
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Commander: Matt Tygore
Leader 2 Commander: Melissa Harrison
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 700 soldiers

14 Helicopters

6 M1 A1 Tanks

33 Technicals

4 Artillery pieces


Army 2 850 soldiers

3 armed prop planes

5 helicopters

28 mortars

Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 47 soldiers

1 tank

Deaths 2 465 soldiers

360+ either executed or impressed into SkyTech

2 planes

19 tanks

3 lower commanders executed

Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Carribean Island conflict
Next US attack on Sonora
The battle of Sonora was a battle between SkyTech and NightTech.

The BattleEdit

Following NightTech's starting of WWIII, the ravagers and battle that unlocked Matt Tygore's abilities, SkyTech repayed them with destruction.


Matt Tygore had learned the location of NightTech's primary base of operations in the Sonoran desert, after a heated argument on the use of stolen nukes with Draco Liska , information from Anderson Gustav stopped the argument and prompted the two to agree on focusing on NightTech, soon they were off to the desert. Matt Tygore had created a plan to cause enough chaos and destruction to the power sources of NightTech's anti-air defenses to land a small team in to capture Melissa Harrison and her lower ranking cronies.

The BattleEdit


The center of the fighting, though some spilled over into mexico

Durng the battle the forces of SkyTech surprised the NightTech forces and killed roughly a 100 soldiers in the first twenty minutes, as time went on NightTech slowly gained the upperhand before their power sources were shut down by the fighting, a few minutes later, Matt Tygore and Anderson Gustav attacked the main compound, killed 26 soldiers and kidnapped NightTech's leadership.

Soon after the team that snuck into the compound had already snuck a large bomb into the central hub, minutes later it was detonated and destroyed the rest of the base, killing hundreds of enemy soldiers and a handful of SkyTech soldiers.


During the first interrogation of Melissa Harrison, Harrison herself refused to speak initially, SkyTech forces executed all of her remaining commanders, however she still did not flinch, SkyTech began torturing er along with waterboarding and other painful interrogation techniques until they reached a breakthrough. Melissa Harrison's records were found and it turns out one of the captured soldiers from the battle was her son, SkyTech threatened the son, Melissa attempted to threaten back, but Matt Tygore enraged informed her that he had all the cards there and threatened to kill her son right in front of her.

Melissa Harrison told SkyTech valuable information on the strength of the remnant armies and the location of their nuclear and other military supplies (which would be crucial in the battle of Antarctica) after divulging that info, Matt Tygore coldly executed Melissa Harrison and tossed her and her commanders bodies out of the Aircraft Carrier and into the ocean.

Draco Liska was stunned but could do nothing at that point and time, even now the battle and it's aftermath are scrutinized as a little excessive, the Kaiser however disagrees, for obvious reasons.

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