Battle of Su City
Rigel Arcasi resting before battle
Main Info
Date September 4th 2504
Place Su City
Result USR Victory

Viserak Rift Anchor shut down

Major Battles Battle of Su City
Force 1 United Sapphirian Republics
Force 2 Adairin Viserak Systems
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Kal: Wertias Opop
Leader 2 Beam Captain: Raark Spherianus
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Epsilon Squadron

Gamma Squadron

Sukhoi Cybernet

Army 2 4880th Fleet

515th Fleet

Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Moderate
Deaths 2 Moderate
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Battle of Sukhoff City
Next Second Battle of Su City
The First battle of Su City was an engagement between the USR and AVS on planet Sukhoi.


The battle began on September 4th (EST) with the arrival of the USR: Epsilon Squadron advance forces, Raark Spherianus' s Viserak armies new they were coming and ambushed the advance force, this forced the USR to pull back to their main base on the outskirts of Su province.

Wertias Opop learned that the Viserak were using a Star Beacon in the center of the City,. Opop, Arcasi and Archon agreed that shutting down the external power sources was key, The Sukhoi Cybernet sent in a team of hackers to shut down the systems without destroying them.

Over the next few hours USR forces took airstrikes and raids by AVS forces but managed to get a few squads out to the External power sources shutting them down, Yorak Osslov relied to heavily on the Warped reinforcments, his forces scattered, though Raark forces still held up, the USR pulled back and waited until dusk of the next day.

Though the USR forces were pushed back for days at the battle of Fhoren 3rd City.

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