The Antarctic Civil War (CS-3)
Name Date Location Forces 1 Forces 2 Commander 1 Commander 2 Outcome
The Retribution Campaign 3/10/2519-4/1/2519 Antarctic Continent CMS Allied Forces Forever Kandlian Forces CMSEric Tygore Forever Sendulus Allied Victory, All aliens wiped off the face of the Earth
Battle of SkyTech City 4/7/2519-4/11/2519 SkyTech City CMS Allied Forces Purple Liu Cao's Forces

CMS Eric Tygore

CMS Shakri Mohammed

CMS Zach Jenson

Purple Liu Cao

Allied Victory, Kurthi Gustav and the Quarter Council is slain by Liu Cao.

Liu Cao is driven out of the Capitol by the Allied Forces

Battle of McTyge Wall 4/15/2519 Near SkyTech City CMS Shakri Mohammed's Forces Purple Liu Cao's Forces CMS Shakri Mohammed Purple Liu Cao Liu Cao loses his territory to Various factions
Battle of Northwest Boralis 4/29/2519 Boralis Fort TygoreUnion Mark Tygore's Forces 51star Lorenzo Pasillas's Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore 51star Lorenzo Pasillas Mark Tygore is victorious, Pasillas joins Tygore's forces in the Lorenzon Tank Column
Conquest of East Antarctica 5/21/2519-6/10/2519 Southeastern  Antarctica TygoreF Zach Jenson's Forces Argentina Allied Forces TygoreF Zach Jenson

Argentina Kent Ranson

Tau  Richard Partison

Antarctos2 Richard Ranson

Zach Jenson conquers the region.
Battle of New Novogorod Province 6/17/2519-6/18/2519 New Novogorod TygoreF Zach Jenson's Forces CMS Juan Xu's Forces TygoreF Zach Jenson CMS Juan Xu Juan Xu's forces are repelled
Battle of Fort Janian  8/1/2519-8/8/2519 Fort Janian  TygoreUnion Mark Tygore's Forces StellaRussia Jane Michaels' Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore StellaRussia Jane Michaels Jane's Forces are victorious but Mark Tygore escapes
Battle of Pedentec 8/11/2519 & 8/17/2519 New Tulsa TygoreUnion Mark Tygore's Forces Darkstar2Shadow Soldier's Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore Darkstar2Shadow Soldier Shadow Soldier captures New Tulsa, but is later kicked out.
Battle of Ice Core Glacier 10/11/2519 The Ice Core Glacier


TygoreUnion Mark Tygore's Forces 

Skytech Cheyanne Makenishi's Forces

Darkstar2Shadow Soldier's Forces

TygoreUnion Mark Tygore

Skytech Cheyanne Makenishi

Darkstar2Shadow Soldier Allied Forces victorious, Shadow Soldier is executed by Mark Tygore.
Battle of Twin Spires 10/21/2519 Martinez County TygoreUnion Mark Tygore's Forces  TerranFlag2 Hayden Martinez's Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore TerranFlag2 Hayden Martinez Mark Tygore Victory, The Squadron of Imperial is reformed
Battle of Del 1/6/2520-1/7/2520 Del District TygoreUnion  Braxis CMS Shakri Mohammed's Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore CMS Shakri Mohammed Decisive Braxis Victory, Shakri's Son's flee to Middle Bay, Antarctica
Battle of Cold Point City 1/8/2520 Battle of Cold Point City TygoreUnion  Braxis Skytech Cheyanne Makenishi's Forces TygoreUnion Mark Tygore Skytech Cheyanne Makenishi Braxis Forces victorious
Invasion of SkyTech City 1/8/2520 SkyTech City TygoreUnion  Braxis TygoreF Antarctosphere TygoreUnion Mark Tygore TygoreF Zach Jenson Braxis Defense successful, Zach Jenson's forces retreat, Zach Jenson is wounded and unable to lead the Antarctosphere
Battle of Mid Bay 3/25/2520

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