Beta Squadron
Founded 9/29/2369
Defunct 7/24/2476

2/1/2493 (Restored)

As BSR April 29th 2505

Race Natogytt
Denonym Betakal
Population 1,500,000 (Before Halacava)

200,000 after Halacava

Leader General: Frake Tashan (Formerly)

General Sliven Kliven (Dead)

Secondary lead Sliven Kliven (dead)
Alliance Shrine Republic


Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Venderheim, Halacava

Beta Squadron was an SR Squadron created after the disasterous Great Sapphirian War.

Early Years

Beta Squadron took part in the invasion of Kandaris during the Tech wars and even battles against the Star Relicants.

Beta Squadron was the first of the squadrons to take part in the Sniverian Civil War from which General Frake Tashan would take power.

Shrine Wars

Frake Tashan's ego had inflated for years since his control of the faction and as the SR began losing it's grip on the sector Tashan found a chance to strike. Beta Squadron pulled back it's fleets to their base on Halacava in 2475, Kal Nedis: Chairo Durblum ordered Delta Squadron forces led by Shadana Mara and Kayin Hardte to investigate, the Turncoat commander, Sliven Kliven ambushed their forces and beseiged them at Black rock canyon. Luckily Wertias Opop's forces of Gamma Squadron had been there too and rescued the tattered Delta Force.

Shortly after SR Command declared war on Beta squadron, and in 2476 they were mostly destroyed, though Frake still survived and moved to Capricon.

Insurrectionist Resurrection

Beta Squadron was reborn during Basaran Kiev's War against the USR , Beta Squadron provided intel and support for the loyalists. both rebel factions eventually kickstarted a another rebel faction on Stratis, named the "Stratisian Liberation Front' a faction that would perpetuate a civil war for eight years. the three rebel forces would fall one by one by the combined might of the UTSEA -USR-Boreluzian Coalition.

BSR retreated back to Capricon, after the death of both Basaran Kiev and Frake Tashan, where they remained until..

Sector Wars

In 2505, the BSR's base at Correlecon was compromised by the untimely arrival of the Great Kandlian Swarm. BSR's army was destroyed almost completely, the remnants which numbered around 200 packed into the nearby hospital, however they were attacked by Kandlian forces there and USR forces, eventually the USR and BSR found a common enemy and allied together though only 12 BSR soldiers made it out alive, at that point BSR ceased to exist ending the age of insurrection against the USR.

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