Blue Sector was the last non-UTSEA Earth based Faction and existed only for five years, after it's defeat however many of the businessmen who were left with nothing joined a new organization known as the Free Azure Nation.

Blue Sector
Blue Sector
Founded June 17, 2040
Defunct August 3, 2045
Race Terran
Denonym Rebels, Corporatists
Population 2,500,000,000 (At it's height)
Leader President: Maxim Zambrano
Secondary lead Vice President: Erik McNeil
Head of State President
Currency Sapphire Card Credits (SCC)
Official Language English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese
Formed from Skytech SkyTech

Sunrise Trade Organization Sunrise Trade Organization

ISC International Solar Corporation

League of Independent Nations League of Independent Nations

Macrocult Corporation Macrocult Corporation

Strength 36 Harbingers, 26 Fleets
Founding Document Articles of Coalition
Preceded By UnionCrest United Terran States of Earth
Alliance -
Location Earth, Mars, Jovian Moons
Capitol Caribou Hide, Canada (Secret Underground base)

History Edit

Years after Thomas Abraham's uprising, in the 2020s the increased security measures and Tygore's growing psionic and political power, various corporations and military groups sought to depose him including SkyTech which wanted to control it's own destiny. on June 17, 2040 these factions seceded from the UTSE shortly after it's formation forming the Alliance known as "Blue Sector" led by SkyTech, open warfare began on January 24, 2041, it was the first Terran war with space battles, these battles were centered around orbital control of Earth and control of Earth's Martian, Jovian and Saturnian colonies, massive battles engulfed the planet as the nations of Earth and Earth's colonies switched sides constantly, Eventually the UTSE and Blue Sector fought a colossal naval/Air battle 110 Kilometers off the coast of Shelburne Nova Scotia known as the Battle of Shelburne Coast, this became the largest naval and air battle in human history with Hundreds of Naval vessels, Dozens of Air Cruisers and thousands of Fighters and bombers over the course of three days, The fleet led by Admiral: John Ranson decisively defeated the Blue Sector Fleet led by Admiral: Jago Porcher who surrendered on the coast of Nova Scotia, having lost 2rd's of his fleet, by July 5, 2045 Matt Tygore discovered the location of the Blue Sector Secret base and assassinated it's entire leadership, the field commanders and Admirals steadily surrendered and peace was finally signed by Naveed Bösch and Matt Tygore on August 3, 2045.

Legacy Edit

Blue Sector's demise led to the complete and total domination of Earth and the Solar system by Matt Tygore and UTSE, various secession and rebel movements used tactics and rallying cries of Blue Sector to combat the UTSEA with little success.

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