Courier: Brunin
Born 1997 As a Univor

2067 as a Jormungant

2192 Colossal

Died - Morphed with others to form Arcmind in 2511
Race Kandlian
Gender Male?
Hair -
Eyes None
Faction Infinity Infinity Swarm
Occupation Component of Arcmind
Faction History Univor Univor Remnant 1997-2067

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 2067-2511

Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-

Early Life

Brunin was a Courier of the GKS for nearly 500 years, a former Univor he was corrupted at an advanced age and used as a DemiDralisk strategist eventually in 2192 at the battle of Polaris, he was defeated by Emeraldii forces and defeated at the battle, and in doing so he inadvertently caused the Kandlian campaign of 2192 to fail, he morphed into a higher form to try to remedy the situation.

Sector Wars

First War

Brunin assisted Sentien's forces during the First Sector War in capturing Insector VI and Borelecava , however by 2507 both worlds fell and Brunin was enslaved by the Terrans .

Second War

After Harkoff and AoF liberated the Swarm Brunin joined Harkoff on his quest for power, but once the TEC invaded the Northern Sapphirian Sector, he and Cruor went to rescue, Sentien, Draliska and Crux Vorpalis at Borelecava, helping overrun the first wave of TEC forces.

Brunin and the swarm retreated to Kandlios but were chased by Arcto Archon , eventually Brunin and some of the others morphed into the Arcmind and with that amplified the power of every Kandlian and drove off Archon's forces.

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