Born 2489 Viserak

2507 Courier

Died 2507
Race Kandlia
Gender Female (Nakaska)
Hair -
Eyes none
Faction GKS Great Kandlian Swarm
Occupation Courier
Faction History AVS AVS 2489-2507

GKS GKS 2507-2507

ByoClorus was a Viserak female or a (Nakasaka) that was a weapon forger on planet Teptico, she was captured by the Kandlia in 2506 and corrupted in 2507 to serve as a courier. She led the Sabre Swarm and took position south of Hell's Caldera on Borelecava and was tasked with supplementing the numbers of the Scimitar Swarm and the Jiandao Swarm. Unforunately for her and her allies they were all fully wiped out by the UTSEA Invasion.

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