Fall of Marcadia

Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Earthlike
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Capricon (USR Protectorate)
System Icious (Position 5)
Natives Native Capri (Extinct)
Discovered 5549 BCE
Discoverer Kalwen Capriku
Existent yes
Faction History Capri2 Marcadian Capricon
Capricon is a World in the Sapphirian Sector.


Capricon was attacked by the Viserak during the Sector wars, the Natogytts there were enslaved and forced to mine resources for the invaders, however Wertias Opop led an expedition to take back Capricon.



Capricon's Moon "Kingdumer"

Though Gerard Tygore , Doran Nazuth and Raark Spherianus had a well consructed blockade of the world, Wertias Opop and the Epsilon Squadron force led by Lacereon VI descended upon the surface of Capricon unnoticed and regrouped with Capricon resistance forces where they destroyed the Viserak base from the inside, eventually USR forces began winning conflicts across the sector.

Kandlian Invasion

During a battle with the Viserak at the USR forces dug in at Marcadia Castle and waited for the Elite Psi Squadron , instead another race known as the Kandlians revealed themselves and attacked both Natogytt and Viserak forces both armies had to retreat from Marcadia.

Later on Wertias Opop returned and tried to retake the Correlecon State hospittal, however he ended up getting killed in that hospital and corrupted.

With the help of a corrupted Opop, the Kandlia managed to overun the planet killing 12 billion of the 28 billion people on the Planet before all parties evacuated. 4 Billion refugees returned to the planet after the war.

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