Cheyanne Makenishi
Born June 7, 2467
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Faction Skytech UTSEA: SkyTech
Occupation Second in Command of UTSEA
Faction History Skytech UTSEA: SkyTech 2467-

30th Director of SkyTech
Spore 2014-11-14 19-14-30
Cheyanne and an emergency convoy head for the epicenter following the 2486 Earthquake
Highest Position
Office Director of SkyTech
Preceded by Anika Saller
Succeeded by Incumbent
Assumed office June 28, 2487
Left office -
Second Highest Position
Office2 Special Agent of "Antarctic Lands Emergency Response Team (ALERT)"
Preceded by2 Jason Anthony
Succeeded by2 Zachary Jenson
Assumed office2 May 1, 2485
Left office2 July 28, 2486
Third Highest Position
Office3 none
Preceded by3 -
Succeeded by3 -
Assumed office3 -
Left office3 -
Personal Details
Political Party Skytech SkyTech
Spouse Levinson Gonsalves
Children Rizo Makenishi (b.2489

Alex Gonsalves (b.2493

Parents Nanuq Makenishi

Muscowequan Makenishi

Residence Roshin County, S.S.D, Earth
Professions Director

Emergency Agent

Religion none, Atheist

Cheyanne Makenishi of SkyTech is a Terran commander.

A.L.E.R.T Special Agent

Spore 2014-11-14 19-14-30

Cheyanne Makenishi in 2486 during the July 21st Earthquake

Cheyanne Makenshi fresh out of High School, joined an Emergency Service known as ""Antarctic Lands Emergency Response Team" as part of her education in school (leaning on Emergency services and Logistics) she was immediately appointed to leading the Emergency vehicle convoys on missions along the Continent, and in only a year had completed 277 missions.

Earthquake of 2486

On July 21st of 2486 a massive 7.2 Earthquake hit SkyTech City and destroyed the first Kaiser Quarters that had been built in the early 2020's, Kaiser Matt Tygore and thousands of others were injured, hundreds more were killed. Cheyanne Makenishi led the A.L.E.R.T convoy to SkyTEch city to rescue and recover, in conjunction with SkyTech Deputy Director: James Matthewson, they rescued the Kaiser and prevented a possible "succession Crisis" in doing so.

Ten days later, Matt Tygore offered Cheyanne and 76 other members of the A.L.E.R.T team to train under his advisory to get higher ranks quicker than others, they all agreed.

Director of SkyTech

Roughly a year of training complete, Cheyanne was chosen to take over SkyTech after the death of Anika Saller, She would be key in overseeing the development of the Frost Cores and an avid supporter of the Kaiser's actions including being a close Advisor during the events of the First Sector War.

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