Chrishiela Insurgency
Gerard preparing to set charges on a Meshaki Comm tower
Vital statistics
Participants United Captain's League

Meshaki Empire

Date March 27th 2500
Location Keshna (city) Planet: Chrishiela
Result UCL Victory

Matriarch: Tal'Hassa captured and Executed

Seena continues her genocidal campaign against the Sharinigans

 This event was part of UCL's campaign against the forces of Meshaki.

The event

The UCL tasked Gerard for a new mission only a month after the previous one, he gained a new team (Rav Harkoff being among them and his future wife, Kalisa Kaorune) They were sent to Chrishiela to destablize the rebuilding Meshaki Empire, they're plan was as follows:

1. Find their Communcation towers

2. Bomb their towers

3. Distract the Meshaki

4. Kidnap Matriarch Tal'hassa

5. Return to hub.

Once they were planetside the 23 member team split up, with Gerard & Harkoff bombing the towers, whilst the other half opening fire upon nearby military targets, Gerard, Harkoff and Kalisa were almost killed by Meshaki Helcopter support when they were preparing to take out the last Comm tower, they forged a friendship afterwards and after killing nearly 20 Meshaki soldiers, the leader of the team, Raark Tu managed to kidnap Tal'hassa, the team linked up with eachother stole a Meshaki Troopship and returned home with only one casuality.

As they returned they learned that the Meshaki government collapsed and fell into civil war, however their main target the Meshaki colony of Chrysalvio was still active, their leader, Seena mocked the UCL for failing to destablize her regime. Tal'Hassa was soon executed as the UCL drew other plans to restore the power to Kasil Orsin's Sharinigan regime.