Vital statistics
Type Archipalego World (Habitable)
Climate Varied, 50% arctic
Sector Emeraldii
Faction Sharinigan Chiefdom
System Calvonizch
Natives Sharinigan
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent yes
Faction History Shar Sharinigan Orsinate ?-901

ChryEmp Chrysalvio Empire 901-1589

ChryEmp Chrysalvio Empire 1691 - 1934

Shar Sharinigan Empire 1934-2021

Shar Sharinigan Morkante' 2021-2053

Shar Sharinigan Coalitionate 2053-2353

MeshakiE Meshaki Empire 2500-2502

Shar Sharinigan Tribes 2502-

Chrysalvio is the homeworld of the Sharinigan it was once conquered by the Meshaki Empire, but by 2502 the United Captain's League liberated the world for Viserak Interests and for the Sharinigan to return to their home.

Chrysalvio EmpireEdit


Operation Shockwave

The ancient Chrysalvio Empire ruled the southern Emeraldii Sector with an iron fist, facing weak resistance from the Praetorians and the Clopredians the Sharinigan had dominated trade and warfare up until the rise of the Wubellian Empire which destroyed them.

The Sharinigans would form a new empire but that would collapse under it's own failing policies, eventually a civil war broke out and most of the Sharinigan were killed in a series of Nuclear wars, over centuries in an on and off style of warfare.

Meshaki InvasionEdit

The Meshaki had long been settling from Chrishiela to Chrysalvio (the closest planet) the Meshaki eventually killed off much of the native population and took control of the planet by 2500, however by 2502 when attempting to kill the last of the Sharinigans, Gerard Tygore and Kasil Orsin direct descendent of the leader of the ancient Sharinigan Orsinate both thwated the genocdial campaign and with UCL and AVS ordered the Meshaki to return to Chrishiela or face extinction. The Meshaki soon returned home with hatred for the Viserak, but the Sharinigans remained close allies with AVS.

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