Civil Strife 3
New Argentine Navy against UTSEA:


United European States of Earth

Terrato forces on Frontier

Six Star Conglomerate Fighters

Main Info
Date 2519 - 2523
Place Earth, Terran Space
Result Dark Passengers arrive but skip over terran space.

Matt Tygore Returns and Unites the Terrans again

Allied forces crushed

UTSEA Victory

Major Battles Battle of Frontier '21

Battle of Bracksis

Battle of Solianus

Occupation of Borelecava

Force 1 (Non Allied factions)




New Argentina

United European States of Earth


United States Space Fleet

Theist League


Six Star Conglomerate

Force 2 (Non Allied Factions)

Sons and Daughters of Sovius

Axis of Freedom

SkyWing Covenant

Force 3 USR: Expeditionary Force
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Miguel Sachs/Kaiser Matt Tygore

Rizo Makenishi

James Albert Ranson

Hector Rodriguez

Aleksandr Stukov

Spitter Rich'Del (Terran)

Jordan Rodan

Paul Ronsen

Keller Gerards

Conglomerate Coalition

Leader 2 Commander: Cash Friedrick

Admiral: Karl Matthewson

Leader 3 Kal: Skarone Mawnitur
Leader 4 -
Army 1 50+ Armies
Army 2 SDS: Armed Forces

AoF: Fleet

Army 3 USR: Phi Squadron
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Billions
Deaths 2 Heavy
Deaths 3 Minor
Deaths 4 -
Previous Second Civil Strife
Next Dark Passenger's War

 The third Civil Strife was a conflict mostly in Terran space after the Fall of Antarctica , by Vanessa Cerda , this conflict was a Massive and deadly civil war.

The WarEdit

The Skywing Covenant enjoyed being the dominant Terran Power, however within months relations between them and their allies the of the USR and Boreluzian Federation, soon soured, trade was cancelled and a cold war loomed, various Terran Agencies and rebel factions fought eachother for domination. Over five dozen factions fought eachother across the stars to succeed the Kaiser , most of them eventually were absorbed by the larger factions. Prior to this in 2521, Vanessa Cerda was de-corrupted by the Draliskan-Viserak Allied Forces, shortly after, the mysterious, "Dark passengers" invaded the sectors bypassing the Terrans and heading straight for Borelecava. this also brought the Return of Matt Tygore who had teleported away four years previously to hibernate, his return quickly united the Terran forces rallying them against the Dark passengers. The war came to a close at the battle of New MetroTech with that the UTSEA defeated all of it's enemies on Earth, the Axis of Freedom officially disbanded, The Viserak returned relatively well and the Kandlia led by a de-corrupted Vanessa Cerda were mostly destroyed, Cerda was chased off the planet.

Because of the rivalries of this war, new technologies were developed rapidly and eventually assimilated into the UTSEA .