Clopred Kingdoms
Founded 9862 BCE
Defunct -
Race Clopredian
Denonym Clopredian
Population 7,231,974,000
Leader The Monarchic Council
Secondary lead -
Head of State The Monarchic Councilors
Currency none, Locrestist
Official Language -
Formed from Various Kingdoms
Strength 573 Kingdoms each with an independent army
Founding Document -
Preceded By Clopred2 Clopred Space Empire
Alliance Emeraldii Economic Union
Location Southwest Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Nightart, Tronnia

The Clopred Kingdoms are a confederation of 573 kingdoms on two planets, they are ruled by the avian-like Clopredians who eliminated a dozen other sentient species during their "Clopred Empire" days, they were destroyed by the Psion Imperium in 11,004 BCE who had glassed their planets.

The survivors returned centuries later and formed new kingdoms, however politics and greed caused them to stagnate and fight among themselves until they were "uplifted" by the Viserak Empire in 2333.

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