Combat Medic
H-P-A Armor
Materials {{{Materials}}}
Rigellian Ore {{{Rigellian Ore}}}
Supply 1
Production Center Enlistment Camp
Time Normal
Requirements General's Hall
Race Natogytt
Hypertype Biological, Psionic
Weapon Drogart Carbine (6) (Ground)
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 50
Armor Type Medium
Armor 0
Shields 50
Attack Type Concussive
Attack Type2 -
Size Small
Cargo size 1
Speed Normal
Atk Speed Normal
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Special Abilities
Ability 1 Healing
Ability 2 -
Ability 3 -
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Natogytt armored combat medic, heavier but more expensive armor, shorter ranged weapon.

The USR uses them as support for their infantry corps.

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