21st Century Edit

24th Century Edit

  • VEmpire The Wubbellian War 2338-2358
  • AVS War of Church and State 2358-2384

25th CenturyEdit

  • TopenonFlag1 Topenese Civil War 2447-2453
  • Loyalist Sniverian Civil War 2451-2455
  • REC Sniverian Invasion of Topenon 2462-2464
  • Republic The Shrine Wars 2464-2492
  • Sholalusz The Frost War 2471-2482
  • Advanced Basaran Kiev's War 2492-2495
  • Stratisian1 Stratisian Civil War 2493-2503
  • AbbadosiRep Abbadosi Civil War 2493-2495
  • BF Terran-Boreluzian War 2499-2500

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