Start End Name Victorious Defeated Cause Result Casualties Victorious  Casualties Defeated
2001 2005 Partisan-Ha War Partisan Partisan Empire HaEmpire Ha Empire A struggle of power between these empires Ha Empire loses Mortikye and Arington to the Partison

75820 Military

10 Civilian

182,950 Military

5923 Civilian

2010 2017 Huan War RoS2 Third Shrine Republic HaEmpire Ha Empire

A revolt by Beisunnian immigrants in Natogytt space against the Partisans 

and the lack of intervention by the TSR

Beisunnian immigrants deported from  Natogytt Space, 

Ha Imperial reprisals halted by the TSR

195 Military

165 Civilians

9832 Military

7545 Civilian

2014 2015 Unification War (Earth)


TygoreUnion Tygore Union

TygoreF Matt Tygore

USAFR Tri-National Army

SoE Squadron of Extermination

51star New USA

Skytech SkyTech

Argentina Argentina

Antarctic Antarctic Republic

Unflag UNSC:

51star United States of America and Canada

China People's Republic of China

StellaRussia Russian Federation

Dozens of Countries


NightTech NightTech

Pirate-flag Ravagers

After the devastation of World War III, the nuclear ravagers uninentironally created

temporarily disrupted Human dominance, various factions sought to reclaim the

Earth for humanities continued survival. 

SkyTech and allies victorious at Antarctica, United Nations 

is disbanded, United States is nuked once, all sovereign 

states are unified under Kaiser: Matt Tygore and forms

the United Terran States of Earth based Antarctica.

4987 Military

466 Civilian

200,985 Military

66,290 Civilians

194,990 Ravagers

2016 2018 Kandlian Invasion of Omnipolus GKS Kandlian Swarm

Shield1 Omnipolus

War of conquest and assimilation

The Omnipolus government of Truvvel is destroyed and it's

entire population assimilated and corrupted into Kandlian 


724,950 Military

6,764,075,047 Civilian

2,206,811,468  Military
2017 2017 Draliskan Falklands War UTSEA UTSEA USAFR  Draco Liska's Forces

After Draco Liska's Revolt at Antarctica, Kaiser: Matt Tygore tasked newly created

Imperial Squadron with hunting him down, he was tracked down to the Falklands

Draco's forces destroyed, Liska feigns death but escapes 

during the night to South America after discovering his own 

Psionic abilities

141 Military

343 Military

22 Civilian

2017 2025 Emeraldii Alliance Wars

WubFlag Wubbelian Empire 

Shar Sharinigan Morkante'

Lore Lorian Empire

Aegio Aegius

Demi Demitrosone Empire 

Univor The Exiled Univor

Aegio Copatia

KyleriaF Kylo-Kuparius

BoralesFlag Hydron

BoralesFlag Infernox

After the Demitrosone and their allies conquered Borales in their ExoViserak 

conquests in 1976-2003 the Emeraldii coalition sought to reclaim it.

 Total Emeraldii victory, Borales remains under wubellian influence 

23,179  Military

34,138  Civilians 

31,186 Military

18,555 Civilian

2018 2018 Frontier Wars (Earth) Jack Jack Cerda's Forces USAFR  Draco Liska's Forces

Both defectors from SkyTech in Antarctica had been living in South America since 

their defection but once Drake Liska revealed his Psionic powers, Jack Cerda and 

others tried to kill him, Liska showed little mercy.

Drake's forces unable to kill Jack Cerda, Cerda and others leave for

Mexico, Liska's forces tracked by UTSEA, Drake Liska escapes to 


925 Military

246 Civilians

560 Military
2019 2036 Operation Kweltz

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic

BF Boreluzian Federation

SedonaFlag Sedona 

HaEmpire Ha Empire

Taigo Taigo Empire

Capriland Marcadian Empire

The TSR and it's allies wanted to restore the Ha Empire to Beisunnian rule as the Bei

Sun Ha have ceased in their attacks against the TSR and are loyal to their cause, The

Taigo controlled government being pro Marcadian was preventing the TSR from 

following their plans for control

The Taigo Empire lost their political influence, the Marcadians failed

to become a Sectorial superpower.

4621 Military

6 Civilian

18,904 Military

700 Civilian

2021 2022 Natogytt Conquest of Abbados RoS2 Third Shrine Republic

Ulrenos Empire

Lischka Empire

Zetrac Lien Gran Empire

War of conquest for resources etc.

Native Abbadosi species are driven to near extinction, Natogytt colo-

-nization begins.

1994 Military

745,000 Military
2026 2042 South Sapphirian War Partisan Partisan Empire

HaEmpire Ha Empire

Taigo Taigo Empire

Hyperius Hyperian Coalition

2026 2028 The Political Civil War RoS2 Scytherian Party Republic Shirian Party
2028 2031 First Emeraldii-Sapphirian Skirmish WubFlag Wubbelian Empire RoS2 Third Shrine Republic
2031 2033 Second Emeraldii-Sapphirian Skirmish RoS2 Third Shrine Republic WubFlag Wubbelian Empire
2034 2096 Tygotahein-Rodacom Wars

USC Tygotan II

Rodacom Rodacom
2038 2049 The Zarnian Revolution

Zarn Zarnian Revolutionaries

Krovan Krovan Empire

Jorumz Jorumz

Vyria Vyria

VramVramese Empire

Other supportive victors

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic

WubFlag Wubbelian Empire

SedonaFlag Sedona 




Zarn3 Tiuxalact Imperium

Ty'Gero Remnant

Nanerro Raiders

Native Amerigo Fleets

Other supportive defeated




2042 2047 Harchempian Unification and Expansion Harchemp Harchempia



2045 2051 First Space War (Earth)


Antarctic Antarctic Republic

Skytech SkyTech (East)

USAFR SkyTech (West)

TygoreUnion Antarctosphere (East)

TygoreF Antarctosphere (West)

Antarctos2  Antarctos Corps

SoE New S.o.E

USAFR  Draco Liska's Forces

Jack Jack Cerda's Forces

UTSEA Lunar Colonies

2045 2100 The Tribunal War SRE Combined Arms Movement

Metal Metallia

Aeronia Aeronia

Carsannian Carsannian Empire

2050 2058 Draliskan Expedition in the Pavonis Sector USAFR  Draco Liska's Forces Orokui
2058 2074 King Hrexxin's War Krovan Krovan Empire

Krovan2 Krovan Loyalist Dominion

Krovan2 King Hrexxin's Kingdom

VramVramese Empire

2066 2073 Great Solarian War (Vramese Invasion of Earth)


Krovan Krovan Empire

Antarctic Antarctic Republic

Harchemp Harchempia

Zarn Zarnian Empire

Vyria Vyria

Skytech SkyTech

Jorumz Jorumz

VramVramese Empire

Krovan2 Krovan Loyalist Dominion

(Destroyed Colonies)

UTSEA Lunar Colonies (UTSEA)

Jack Jack Cerda's Forces

Chri Martian Colonies (UTSEA)

2069 2079 The War for Borales WubFlag Wubbelian Empire

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic

Demi Demitrosone Empire 

Univor Darkivor

Aegio Copatia

KyleriaF Kylo-Kuparius

BoralesFlag Hydron

BoralesFlag Infernox

Shar Sharinigan Morkante'

Lore Lorian Empire

Aegio Aegius

BoralesFlag Free Borales

GKS Kandlian Swarm

2078 2086 Amethys Sector War GKS Kandlian Swarm

WubFlag Wubbelian Empire

Daralek Natives

2080 2100 Sedona Uprising SedonaFlag Sedona  Yy West Yyierianist Regime
2083 2093 Second Space War (The Terran Civil War) UTSEA Unionists Union Planetary Statists Federation
2093 2102 The Fourth Adairion War

VEmpire Order of Jenozenon Hemsway:

Northsphere Northsphere

VEmpire Unificationists

VEmpire Hemsway's Triumvirate

RepKrussia Krussian Seperatists

Adairis Adairin World Police Forces:

RepLanse Viserak Republic of Lanse

RepKrussia Confederation of Krussia

RepSouthsphere United Counties of Southsphere

Gormandy Gormandy

GriereRep Griere Mosist State

MonocanRep Monocan

OrionRep Orion

Skoland Skoland

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