Born 2448 (As a Ty'Ger)

2507 (as a Courier)

Died 2507
Race Kandlia
Gender -
Hair -
Eyes Purple
Faction GKS Great Kandlian Swarm
Occupation Courier
Faction History Tribals Ty'Ger tribes of Borelecava 2448-2507

GKS Kandlian Swarm 2507-2507

Corros was a hastily created Courier corrupted from a Ty'Ger tribesman and was tasked with controlling the Jiandao Swarm which along with the Sabre Swarm and the Scimitar Swarm were ordered to surround the Hell's Caldera on Borelecava and prevent the Terran UTSEA from capturing it, Corros and his swarm took position on a massive Hill in the northwest and besieged the Terran forces at the base of the cliff, however Admiral James Albert Ranson managed to break through Corros' lines and slayed him personally.

The Jiandao Swarm fell into chaos and returned to their original state of natural predation and became useless to the Great Kandlian Swarm.

Corros along with ByoClorus and Degester were all too new to combat the superior Terran Tactics and thus were all killed, their swarms in dissaray before the Terrans took over the Swarm.

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